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I love spam. As in another post, I find humor and strategy in them. A common trick is to imbed "legitimate" looking text to throw off the Bayesian filtering software. So far, it happens rarely.

Here is the hidden text in the email:
Its surface was dull and smeary, almost opaque. She looked at him levelly. "But if you pay this five hundred and six dollars before" And seventeen cents, she put in fiercely. After all this time! When he got there, his father was no longer sinking but sunk. "Go? Can You? If you missed a couple of quarterly payments, they might try to take your home sell it at auction. It seemed possible that Kushner might have stumbled across the growing, distilling, or stockpiling of one of these substances quite by accident during his search for signs of the tenderfoot writer.
I suppose I am a geek for enjoying this stuff.
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