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Ugliest part on a CRX...

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I vote this ghetto-fabbed piece as the ugliest part on the CRX. Poorly crush bent piping and nasty splattered welds....and not even coated to protect against rusting. Luckily it's a part that you will barely ever see. You win an imaginary cookie if you can guess where it's from. :p

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Can i get the cookie? I know the answer, but i'll let someone else guess.

By the way, i've made a couple of replacements for that in the past out of Chromoly... works great :)

In reality, it is plenty strong for what it does, but yea, i agree it is VERY ghetto to be as important of a part as it is on our CRXs.. lol :lol:
runs from the bottom of the steering collumn down to the center tunnel as a support under the dash...... sure is an ugly thing.... my race car sits outside all winter with no windows in it... you should see how rusty and nasty mine looks....
lol...yeah i remember yanking the dash out of mine for the first time and being like "what the hell is this POS" definitely the ugliest part in the car
I didn't know exactly. But I recognized that it came from under the dash. 8)
never seen the one on the crx but the one off my prelude looked similar. looks like they had some scrap exhuast pipe and just had to put it somewhere. :lol:
I thought it was the frame of the seat, at least from the firstpic, when I scrolled down to the second... I had no clue, but I haven't had my coffee yet :p
I'm probably going to sandblast it lightly to clean it up and then quickly spray paint it with some Tremclad...just to keep it from rusting.
I know it's probably a pretty senseless use of my time, but I decided to sandblast it and paint it to stop it from rusting in the future. I used Tremclad primer and Tremclad Aluminum-look paint. I could've used POR15, but I it's pretty expensive stuff, and better saved for areas of the car that are exposed to lots of salt and moisture. Here's the pic:

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Looks good! Too bad nobody will ever see it again.
I must admit, I did it mainly as a bit of a guinea pig. I wanted to see how nice the finish would turn out after sandblasting and painting something. The surface almost looks like it was powder coated. Luckily, I'll be using POR15 on the chassis of my car, so the finish will look perfectly smooth.
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