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Uh oh... The world is ending... ComposiMo has a new Rex

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Well, after an exhaustive search to locate a chassis that i felt was worthy of what i am wanting to do to it (i.e. PERFECT)... I've finally located and made a deal on the chassis that is to become my next project... something entirely different... And it was RIGHT under my nose the whole time... actually, it has been sitting 20 feet away from me for about 4 months... (isn't that always the case?)

Introducing.......... another Y49 disaster, painted in sheeps clothing as ITR Yellow:

Link to more detailed pics:

So, here is the story of this car... basically, it is a customers car that has gone through a lot of iterations.. he now has a child on the way, and is getting married, so he bought an EVO, and is wanting to part out the car. I decided to call dibs on the chassis and a couple other odds and ends :)

The chassis is an '88 Si. The roof has been cut out, and replaced with an HF roof, and HF headliner. It already has the chassis work done to it cage-wise that i was going to have to do anyway, and it is already parked in my shop.

yAy! 8)

So, now the work begins..... what work you ask?

Going to sompletely strip the car, sandblast the entire thing, and repaint it inside and out. New color? Undecided :oops:

It will be receiving a K20A2 motor, fully built of course. Turbo will be initially a GT42R, but only for racing... i'm going to have a much smaller setup for streat driving.

Exterior will be a JDM front end conversion with VIS EF9 knock-off mugen front bumper, and wings west for the rest of it (already have it). The car already has full GSR brakes, and a bunch of other stuff done... its set to jet.

Man, i'm so giddy right now :) lol... I've been wanting another CRX for the street, and now i have one... and this time 'round, its gonna be absolutely awesome! If anyone thought BBT was neat, wait till this one is done :twisted:
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Bewarrrrrre....the currrrrrse! I am the ghost of CRXs passsst....

Just kidding man, I'm sure you'll be good enough to it to keep the curse at bay :) Congratulations on your new rex!
nice bro good luck with it, i just need amotor to get mine rolling.........damn, is he interested in parting his motor?
Awesome! Can't wait to see how this one turns out. Woohoo!!! I know what you mean by being all giddy. I brought home my new project today too. :D
Thanks guys! This one should be neat to mess with. The nice thing about it, is that there are no secrets on the car.. i'm not going to take the bumper off, and find something that i've never seen, or something that'll make me not like it.... i know everything and every inch of the car already, so it is a wonderful peace of mind.. hehe.

Stickershop: Fully getting it sandblasted, top, bottom, inside and over.... no y49 will remain on this chassis when i am done with it. I'll exorcize the curse outta the car if i have to.... LoL!!!! nah,... the secret to the curse is living wiht it, and dealing with its idiocincracies.... it is when you -ignore- it, that it gets lonesome, and then does something HUGE to get your attention again. Feed the curse... nurture the curse... and the curse could just turn into a blessing.... ya know, kinda like a significant other :lol:

shadow: Actually, yes... all parts that were on the car are now for sale, including the turbo kit, etc... however, the motor needs to be rebuilt (nothing major, just new pistons and bearings)... after all, it was parked in the corner of my shop for a reason..

Tom: Thats awesome! lets see some pics of the new toy! this is a giddy sort of day, aint it? hehe!
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Wow..can't wait to see this.
what motor is in it and how much is he looking for i need one bad

please say b16
Jonny_Black: Well, you'll probably be helping me build it after hours if i can somehow talk you into it... lol. So i guess you'll be one of the first TO see it.. ;)

shadowcrx:Well, it isn't like its a stock motor or anything... there are way cheaper ways to get a B16 in your car. But to answer your question, one block is a 2.0L GSR 84.5mm bore sleeved block with a deckplate on it by Golden Eagle. It needs new Sleeves. GE quoted $500 to resleeve it. The other block is a B16A base, but has an 89mm Crower stroker crank, custom rods, and an 84.5mm bore to make it a 2.0L. The head is a B16A based head, full Ferrea valvetrain, ss valves, mild port/polish, etc. Let me know what your budget is, because i also have a couple of other B-series options here at the shop, including a full B16A stock swap. Either way. PM me for more info.

Mark: LoL.. well, i'm not sure that any Y49 has ever been -completely- stripped of its Y49 heritage, so i'm not quite sure if it does... Usually, people leave some y49 on the chassis somewhere, even if they do a color change. That won't be happening here ;) Oh, and as for that paint job? As long as you paint 'INTERCEPTOR' on the back window ;)
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ah well..somehow I knew that was coming. :wink:
Looks like a fun project.

Looks like a lot of people are jumping on the 88 bandwagon. Both of our cars are going through a similar process, although mine isn't going to be as extreme as yours. Can't wait to see pictures of the rebuild.

By the way, I also dig the Interceptor. If I was going to build a muscle car I would want it to look something like that. Unfortunately that model Ford was only available in Australia. The AMC Spirit is a little smaller than the Inteceptor but it is kind of similar.

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joshman said:
Looks like a lot of people are jumping on the 88 bandwagon ...... Can't wait to see pictures of the rebuild
Dunno how much of a 'bandwagon' it is, but i really hate the door-mounted seatbelts... lol! Anyway, i'll definitely be posting more pics of the progress ;)
I think another important question about the curse is this: If you paint another CRX with the Y-49 colour that wasn't Y-49 before, does it bestow the curse on that CRX too? Or is it only for the CRX's that were painted with Y-49 at the factory?

I've also heard that it's bad luck to mention the words "curse" and "Y-49" in the same sentence. ***ZAPPP...struck by lightning*** :shock:
know why y-49 was bad? because it wasn't a color on 1g's :p
maybe the 1st gen put the hex on it because it was jealous :lol:
Somebody please help pray for me. I have 2 running CRXs in decent and great condition (bodywise) just sitting in my driveway. They've been there for 2 years. All I've been doing is tuning my bow and never my cars. I need the strength, desire, and perseverance necessary to bring at least one of my rexes down into the streetable 12's of my dreams. I need the drive that which both John and Tom posess.
you will never be as good as fast as we are and the toil of all your hard work shall never bare any fruit that normal people will ever find respectable.

now if that doesnt get your sorry ass in gear nothing will :wink:

turbo that biyaach!! lol
It CAN be done Heu... just get in gear, and prove Jonny wrong! haha!

You -could- always just ship it to a shop in Orlando, with a good blank check for downpayment, and sit back and not worry about it :) hehe.
Jonny_Black said:
you will never be as good as fast as we are and the toil of all your hard work shall never bare any fruit that normal people will ever find respectable.

now if that doesnt get your sorry ass in gear nothing will :wink:
Hahaha! Exactly! I could get a world of encouragement from everybody I know, but the one thing that lights the fire under my butt is when someone says "you can't."
Jonny_Black said:
you will never be as good as fast as we are and the toil of all your hard work shall never bare any fruit that normal people will ever find respectable.
Oh yea? Well we'll just have to see wont we? Just don't be surprised if one day a stock looking 00si blue rex makes your car puke its internals trying to keep up with big brother H22 power! I make a road trip to FL each summer so I'll be looking for you brotha... and when I do...

[runs out of inspiration and reaches for bow and arrow]
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