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UK CRX Owner Saying Hey.....

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Hey Peeps,

Just thought I'd stop in and say hey. My names Matt and I own a stock D16 SOHC 1990 CRX. I've had my rex for about 2 years now and I can quite happily say that it is the BEST car I have ever owned.

Just a quick note to say that I am a member on so check it out if you haven't already :wink:

I live on an island called Guernsey which is off the coast of England and placed near to the coast of France. I am English though :lol:

So, that was my intro.....and here's my car

As I said, she's pretty stock although she has just had a full re-spray that includes completely rebuilt arches, new sunroof, new boot and bonnet. When I got the car it was in bad shape, the usual rex rust, but with a bit of TLC I got her into shape :lol:

The mods so far are;

Wings West Kit
Pioneer 6500 In-Dash DVD
Ace 5-spoke rims

This year I have planned to do the following;

New full system exhaust
New radiator
New induction kit
New header
Possible VTEC conversion :wink:

So that's me, I look forward to getting to know you guys and I'll see you around the forums

The Only Thing Constant, Is Change....
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Looks good there, buster.

Welcome to the'll find some great people and information here.
Nice rex! :shock: But you have me confused on motor...

But it looks like you have a ZC hood...cant tell cause of the nice shiney paint.. :wink:
Polsy said:
SOHC 1990 CRX.
Possible VTEC conversion :wink:
I'm guessing based on those two things, it's D16, SOHC, Non- Vtec?
Ah, good spot boys :rolleyes1:

Post edited. It's a 1.6 16v

Angry - Nope, bog standard hood. Just lots and lots of elbow grease :wink:
Welcome to the sight, my friend! And thats a nice clean ride u got there, try to keep it that way.
Welcome! nice finish & color.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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