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Unicorn find

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Tire Wheel Car Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light

Vehicle Car Fixture Automotive tire Automotive design

Car Vehicle Tire Wheel Automotive tire

Car Vehicle Plant Hood Motor vehicle

Vehicle Car Automotive design Grey Fixture

Car Vehicle Window Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

Car Vehicle Wheel Land vehicle Tire

Wheel Tire Car Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light

1990 HF automatic 55,000 miles
I’m torn between Putting a B 16 in it or just selling it to collector original paint beautiful inside and out completely stock


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2nd on base model CRX (people like to call it DX because it matches the trim features of the Civic DX of the time). All HFs are 5-speed manual, only the DX was available with the 4-speed automatic. Torino Red Pearl is a '90-91 DX color. The HF had a lower rev limit than the 6.5k seen on the DX and Si gauge cluster.

All that said, she's a beauty. I could reliably get 45MPG on the highway from my stock '90 DX auto.
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