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User titles: Yes? no? maybe?

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Ok guys and gals. I thought I would put this up for discussion with everyone in the community. There is a feature on most forums where users can have a fancy schmancy title by their username. A lot of other sites use this to rank their members' status on the board. However, since this is a community, I don't really feel that ranks are appropriate. We are all equals here. We really don't want newbie bashing to occur...just as we don't want an elitist attitude to form amongst longer term members.

However, this does not mean that we can't utilize this feature for something fun and frivolous that doesn't carry any kind of rank to it. I came up with a couple of simple ideas. And we all would like to hear your ideas or feelings on this topic.

Here's my ideas: 1) The title could indicate make/model/year or even colour of your main vehicle. 2) The title could indicate areas of personal interest. Just as an example, Toxiclows could have a title of "Dirt Track Racer" if he wanted...or I could have a title of "Special Edition Restorer".

Those are just some ideas. Keep it light and fun. Anything that enriches the community is a good thing. :)
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The number of posts is enough to determine who is new and who isn't. Let the users make their own titles if possible.
Although I'm still officially one of the Resource "henchmen" 8), I got a real kick out of what Geoff has done over at The only downside is that for a long time, we're all going to be a bunch of Michelles.

Though I may feel that Steve has gone overboard on the Resource, I don't like the hostility of It seems much more congenial here.
Charles said:
Though I may feel that Steve has gone overboard on the Resource, I don't like the hostility of It seems much more congenial here.
I agree completely. Which is why we are here.
i think between the joined date and post counts you can figure out who's been around a while, no need to rank anyone.

although i do like the user created title idea.
I'm rank enough without help! :lol: I like this site, very nice job!
Screw board ranks and cheesy cookie-cutter titles for how long you've been here.... :p hehe.

I kinda like user-modified titles... make it whatever they want within reason. A lot of other boards do this. That way, if you want a neat catchphrase, you don't have to put it in the 'location' field like so many people do... lol.
Must have lots of new members with all the dead posts being revived!
Oh dang... i didn't realize how old this was... hahahah! ah well.

<~~~ me paying more attention to eBay at the moment than the site.... sorry.. hehe.
I think we should have our car stats as a title.
I like the user created idea my self, within reason of course.
i just want CRXCommunity owns me as mine ;)
How about "Site Admin" for everybody?
crxfisher said:
How about "Site Admin" for everybody?
no no no titles i was playin
custom subtitles would rock...mine would be "crx = perfect drug"
I've put this on my to-do list. User-customized titles is coming soon!
Sweet tom. jees now I have to think of somthing that works for me.

hmm..maybe you guys that know me can think of a good one?

Jonny_Black said:
hmm..maybe you guys that know me can think of a good one?
Hmmm..... how bout "Tweaked Insanity", "Broke Back Tweak" (JUST JOKING! lol), "Stuck between a Panda and a Blues Clue", "Hey, watch this!", "I crack manifolds for fun", "Horn broke, watch for rhetoric", "Movie Buff", "Take a picture, it'll last longer... as long as its not a picture of me", "Tire Tamer", "Tire Tweak",.... hmmm... i'm sure i'll think of something kewl.. hehe.

I kinda like the Rhetoric one for a sig..... lol :lol: Maybe i'll change my bird killing one since i don't think it really 'works' anymore.. heh.
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