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I try very hard not to make gun of other peoples cars.... just because someone does something to there car that they like... that I Might not like... .I ust tell myself that they did that because they like it.....

HOWEVER..... I seriously hope that this car does not belong to any members of the Community... . . Its kind of a shame as it is a really nice car it is really clean and there are no clear shots of the engine.... but i am guessing a b series.... the intake plenum looks b18'ish to me ( is that a word?) but with the V-TECH power it must have a 2.4 Ghz. phone hooked to it......

possibly a b16 swap.... . . .well hopefully a b16 swap...... i would rather see a misspelling than braggin about what you ain't got.... .

sheesh..... heres the address. .

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Kinda strange all that crap about a "double-cam" and the pic has definatly been cut. :?
I dunno that intake looked like a A6(I could be wrong).

Haha I just LOVE those JDM diamondplate floormats! :lol:

Umm did anyone else notice that ZC hood?
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