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:twitch: Crazy man..!

So is that a d16a1 block with a ZC head?
And do you have 2 CRXs? I see a blue one..... :wink:

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complete d16a1
TT rods
Je piston forged high comp pistons(=about 9:1 in this engine)
filled block
machined/balanced crank
mack/swhicher turbo
hks bov
ebay mani
arp head studs

soon to be ported head, retainers and reground cams
and a lsd to go with my 245/45/16 slicks

not realy trying to aim for a number but hoping to get up to 600ish in the end. This year 400hp wont be a problem but its going to take a long time of tunning to get the rest out of it. Im just gonna go bigger and bigger till it blow. Find out what blew, make it stronger and do it again
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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