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Water Leak!

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Ok, whenever it rains, the rear right hatch strut drips water out of the top of the strut. Any clues?
this is a 90 HF, so you can't blame the sunroof drains! ;-)
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Damn Henry youve been around long enough to know you have to also check the body seams under the drip rails and hatch corners for hair line cracks. Also if you have a rear squirter check the gasket on it.
lol i was going to start with those rain gutters, but i just wanted some more info to go on ;-)
what should i patch them with? hondabond or something?
I used por15 but that was before I painted. This was the drip rails of course my squirter gasket is fine but a silicone or a new gasket would work.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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