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Weird Traffic situation

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Right on the corner I live on, there is a one way street, going away from my apartment. Almost every day I see cars coming the wrong way down it, and honestly 90% of those are the RPI or the city police. I was just going out to show my friend the new suspension, and I went up the street like I always do, and a cop was coming the other way. I stopped, and usually I wait for the other car to move since THEY are going the wrong way, but I had just turned the corner and it was a police car (no lights on though) so I backed up right back into my parking spot and let him go by. So... what would happen if I got hit by a police car coming down that road? I would imagine they would be at fault right? As I wrote this, 2 more came flying down it with lights and sirens on (there's a fraternity on my block, looks like they headed there).
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No lights and sirens technically makes them regular traffic.

....but they're still the police.
Let's see what Mark or BoostX have to say on this.
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