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Wet drivers side floor?!

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I'm not sure what's going on. The drivers side floor is wet every few days. It seems to be related to when I run the heater. I know that if it was the heater core I should be seeing a 'big' leak on the passenger side but that side is dry. I've also heard that a leak on the drivers side could be a head gasket problem. Oh, and it smells real bad in the car which makes me think antifreeze. Has anyone else had this type of problem? How can I track it down? :help:
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I have no idea how a bad head gasket could leak coolant into the car. :rolleyes1:

The smell is likely mildew from being wet all the time. The water is probably coming in through a leaky windshield seal, or seam sealer under and around the driver's side hood hinge.
I could buy this except that the floor is wet halfway up the incline to the firewall and it wasn't raining any of the days this problem started (which as luck would have it was the day after I bought the car).
If you are in fact getting coolant in the car, it would definitely be the heater. Have you checked the radiator to see if it's losing coolant?
Checked it and it doesn't appear to be. The reserve tank looks empty but I don't know if it was full before or not. The heater box hangs over the passenger side floor so I don't know how this could leak onto the driver's floor.
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