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I've done a lot of driving recently. I have a couple of regular playlists I haven't changed in almost a month:

Crystal Method
Relapse (Dren's stuff)
Faith No More
nine inch nails (pretty hate machine)

Massive Attack
Joe Satriani

What are you guys listening to?

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Steve Czaben
Jim Rome
Dan Patrick
John Riggins Show
Drudge Report
During the summer at night I like to listen to baseball games from the midwest and east coast. AM rules.

Don't really listen to much music anymore.

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I dont listen to many cd's anymore. I had one mp3 disc in my blue rex but I havnt swapped the mp3 player over to the new rex yet. CD mp3 disc had Eminem: The Re-up ( only really a few good tracks on it ), Flyleaf, Sublime 40oz to freedom and the Sublime self titled album.

I mainly listen to XM, Channel 48 The Squizz, that or i listen to the XM comedy stuff when Im tired of music.

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downest said:
Faith No More
nine inch nails (pretty hate machine)
Nice. PHM is one of my all-time favorite albums, I've listened to it so many countless times. It's the album that got me into NIN back when I was about 14. "With Teeth" (the newest NIN) actually reminds me of PHM more than anything else Trent has done. I've seen them live a couple of times, too...seeing them in an indoor venue with great seats on the Fragility 2.0 tour back in 2000 (the tour they made the "And All That Could Have Been" DVDs from) was probably the greatest concert experience of my life.

Faith No More is cool too, I also dig the other Mike Patton projects, like Fantomas and Tomahawk. I've seen both of those bands live too, and Patton puts on a HELL of a show.

As far as what I'm listening to lately...I listen to the radio a little, often times I'll listen to Bob and Tom in the morning (on their "home station", Q95 in Indy). I also have my iPod wired up to my car stereo, and I listen to some Podcasts that I subscribe to. I've also been listening to the new Tenacious D album (the soundtrack to the movie "The Pick of Destiny").

My old standby, though, is listening to The Beatles. I've got somewhere between 2-300 Beatles bootlegs, TONS of live stuff, outtakes, alternate takes, etc...if something the fab four did was recorded on tape, I've probably got it somewhere. I'm actually gearing up to start recording my own "Bootleg Beatles" podcast, lots of hand-picked cool bootleg tracks with a bit of commentary behind them, facts and interesting trivia about the songs, the individual tracks, and the band in general. I plan on recording the first episode right after Christmas when I have about 10 days off from work.

OK enough off-topic rambling...I'm out. Cool topic.

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MarkWilliamson said:
All my cd's got swiped a while back and I haven't decided if I am replacing them or not.
That's why I only keep copies of my cd's in my car now. If they get stolen again I'm only out a few dollars and some time to remake copies.

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Radio head
Limp bizkit

Same for my mini-disc player thats on its last leg..

Getting the parts together for a car-puter. Im sick of CDs...

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Tiesto, Voodoo and serano, jam and spoon, mauro picotto, dj sammy, linkin park, fuel, finch, me first and the gimmie gimmies, black sabbath... yeah alot of different stuff but i guess mostly trance, happy harcore, older metal, punk rock and well.. 80's music cuz the 80s were good a good time to be making music :)

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Shuffling on the ancient 1st gen 5GB ipod:

Van Halen
Sammy Hagar
Living Color
Black Sabbath
ZZ Top
Def Leppard
Huey Lewis
George Thorogood
Judas Priest
Twisted Sister
Deep Purple
Quiet Riot
Molly Hatchet
Golden Earring
Cheap Trick
Damn Yankees
Dire Straits
Robert Palmer
Robert Plant
Tina Turner
The Who

I've just dated myself, haven't I?
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