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A couple of months back, there was a thread talking about all the Hondas people had owned. I figured I'd add to the nostalgia part of the board with one of my own.

Here's a site with photos of all the 20 cars I've owned since I was 17 years old in the UK. Thought you might get a kick out of particularly the older ones.

I actually modded that first Morris Minor. It came with an 850cc motor stock. I swapped it for a 948cc motor that delivered, yes, 43 bhp with twin SU carbs out of a wrecked bugeyed Austin Healy Sprite.

Hey - I guess I started young and, surprised as you may be about what the old farts got up to, it was exactly the same as everyone on this board is doing now. :rolleyes1:

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'73 Dadge Dart w/318
'91 Saturn (Stereo on wheels)
'93 Civic Hatch (OBD1 DOHC Zc, Ex/Si tranny)
'90 Civic Hatch (Winter beater)
'90 Civic Hatch( Winter beater)
'91 Civic Lx Sedan (Winter beater)
'91 Crx Si (built for boost b16 project, never got off the ground)
'91 Crx Si (Winter beater)
'88 Chevy S10 Blazer 4x4
'94 Civic Ex Coupe (Stock)
'95 Integra GSR (b18c5 swapped)
'97 Accord SE (DD)
'91 Crx Si (Current ongoing project)

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1981 Monte Carlo
1992 Hyundai Scoupe
1978 Ford T-bird
1964 Ford Falcon w/351W
1971 Ford Torino
1991 GMC Sonoma low rider
1965 Ford Falcon convertible
1982 Ford Mustang
1986 Mustang w/351W
1984 Ford T-bird
1994 Ford Probe GT
2000 Ford Focus ZX3
1990 Honda Civic
2002 Ford Focus ZX3
1988 Honda CRX
1989 Toyota Pickup
2006 Mazda5

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86 CRX Si
89 CRX Si
88 Integra
86 CRX DX carb'd D16A1 swap
90 Civic DX ZC
89 Civic Si LS/VTEC
91 CRX Si
91 CRX Si ZC
91 CRX Si
91 CRX Si (parts car) still have title and vins ;)
02 CBR 600 F4i
02 Impreza Wagon
95 Civic EX-A 4 door
00 Integra Type R - Stolen


98 Integra GSR
05 Yamaha R6
07 Civic Si Sedan (Sold)
99 Civic Si
95 Civic Si (current)
88 CRX HF with basically Si everything (current)

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My list in chronological order since I was 16. I'm now 23...

88 Chevy Silverado
90 CRX Si
94 Civic VX
87 Civic Wagovan
89 CRX Si
72 Chevy Corvette
00 Subaru Impreza - soon to go to the girlfriend
91 Civic Wagon - will replace the Suby this Friday

I've parted out a couple other CRX's but wouldn't consider them to be listworthy. Hopefully my whorish actions will cease and my current list will remain the same for some time...

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in order, from 15 to 25. 10 years of fun

1986 Chrysler Lebaron GTS Turbo
1990 Pontiac Lemans
1979 Chevy Camaro
1994 Dodge Shadow
1990 Toyota Tercel
1991 CRX Si D16Z6
1992 Mitsu Eclipse GS
1991 Nissanicus 240SX
1996 Civic EX Coupe
1989 CRX Dx
1990 CRX Si
1992 Civic Si Hatch
1994 Toyota Pickup
1990 Civic STD Hatch D16Z6 Turbo
1990 CRX Si
1994 Acura Integra GSR
1991 Civic Si Hatch
1989 CRX Si

I DD a 2002 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS, but I dont own it.

[email protected]

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87 Chevy Spectrum sedan (first car. SUCKED, traded for Ranger)
93 Ford Ranger 2wd Sport (2wd, 4cyl, standard cab, long bed, SUCKED, traded for Cavalier)
94 Chevy Cavalier RS (wrecked, never felt safe again. traded for Escort)
90 Escort GT (needed too much work, traded in for Stratus)
96 Dodge Stratus (traded in to for S-10)
99 Chevy S-10 Xreme (totaled over a steep embankment)
88 Honda CRX Dx (rusted to death, gave it away before I knew what parting out was)
94 Honda Accord EX Coupe (traded in for 03 Civic Si)
89 Honda CRX Si (aka sinful. never drove it, lost interest. sold to MattMiner)
03 Honda Civic Si (Traded it in to get out of payments)
93 Ford Probe GT (blew the tranny after 800 miles, sold it for $500)
03 Jeep Wrangler
90 Honda CRX Dx

I currently have the Jeep and 90 CRX Dx. I DD the CRX and off road the Jeep. I was going to try it hte other way, but thought better of it.
How they compare:
Both have a tight turn radius and short wheelbase. The Jeep's up 2" and the CRX is down 2". The Jeep is on 31s, the CRX is on 13s. With the doors on the Jeep, I'm more cramped than in the CRX. The CRX hauls more cargo, even with the rear seat removed in the Jeep. The Jeep is topless and doorless in summer, the CRX had neither advantage. (doorless rexs look funny on the road) The Jeep has a 8000lb winch, a 8000lb wench would squash a CRX. (type-o intended, hehe)

Both are so much fun to drive in thier respective environments.

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'59 VW bug ( w/ the new big engine, 1200cc)
'68 Triumph Spitfire (English ****box)
'68 VW bug
'66 Mustang (200ci, six!)
'83 VW Cabriolet (I am straight, really)
'84 Dodge Diplomat (ex CHP cruiser)
'82 Toyota Corolla
'86 Honda Accord LXi
'89 Honda Civic LX
'90 Honda Accord LX
'87 Honda CRX Si (still own)
'02 Toyota Camry (only kept for 4 months, we hated this car)
'03 Honda Accord LX
'90 Honda Prelude 2.0Si (crashed by my son, RIP)
'07 Honda Civic Sedan Si (my daily driver)

When I was living at home back in the '70's, my family ran through a succesion of Mustangs.

'65 convertible, 289
'66 coupe, 289
'68 convertible, 289

I am planning on keeping the CRX and the Civic. Once my life settles down a bit I would like to go back to a push-rod V8 project. I keep threatening to take on a Cobra kit project, but that requires a lot more time and space than I will have for the next couple of years.

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