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What colour is your master cylinder lid?

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This may seem like a weird question, but I need to know what the stock colour is for the master cylinder lid. I have one on the car that I'm restoring that is bright blue in colour, but that's a different colour than the ones that are on my other CRX and my gf's CRX. I'm just wondering if maybe that M/C was off of another car. It's still a 7/8" size M/C by Nissin.

Please understand that I am restoring this car...and I am being ultra picky with the small details. Your help is appreciated. :D
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gray here as well.
got the grey here on all 4

Ok...thanks guys. So the blue one is definitely not from a CRX. LOL It would stand out like a sore thumb
KAOS said:
gray here as well.
Agreed mines a off white....oh yeah mines gray. :p
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