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ok i finally finished up my car and took it the the track. only thing is im very dissapointed with my time but i cant figure out whats holding it back.

setup is as follows:

91 crx si
b16 tranny
skunk2 IM
3" intake tube to stock airbox with k&n filter
dc 4-2-1 header
thermal exhaust
chipped p28 (5300 vtec 8600 rev)
jimfab bar

tires were falken azenis (195/60/14) at 25psi. i know the azenis arent a drag tire but this isnt a drag car either. i really just went to the strip for fun.

the best out of 6 runs:

r/t .789
60' 2.303
330 6.394
1/8 9.734
mph 75.10
1000 12.555
1/4 14.944
mph 95.01

its not the driver. i had 6 runs, and this was the absolute best i could pull out, i even got a 2.2 60' on one run. i was shifting at 8000. i dont know whats wrong. pretty much everything in my setup is new. new dizzy, new plugs and wires, new fuel filter, suspension is new and has pretty much no wear on it, clutch is new. i mean i know the azenis are hurting me and causing me to lose some time, but even despite that i should be faster then this. i year ago my best was 15.0 and that was with a terrible setup(stock IM, stock ecu, ls trans, stock exhaust manifold, crappy shot suspension, no traction bar). but after it was stolen and i rebuilt it to better then it was im still no faster? whats the deal? the car runs and idles perfectly. last time i checked compression it was fine at 210, 225, 225, 215. no check engine lights. no warning lights of any kind. something is causing me to lose power, but i cant think of anything that would cause me to lose power without throwing a code or showing some signs of the engine not running properly. any ideas?

the only thing i can think of is that my timing is somehow way off (i didnt check it since last time i set timing a few months ago), or the compression recently took a dump. i will check both this weekend

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black_krix_si said:
could be alot of things.

too much stuff in the car?
track conditions
bad gas?

with that setup im sure you could do better than a 14.9
nothing in the car but me and my interior. no big stereos, no big body kits, no heavy rims.

track was a perfect day. clear and about 65-70 degrees.

i got the gas from a pump that day.

car runs perfect, i have no idea whats wrong...

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for my tires. 2.3 isnt bad. i did manage a 2.2 on one run. i was running falken azenis and they are probably one of the worste drag racing tires you can use. and you cant lower the pressure in them that mcuh for a biger footprint because you run the risk of damaging the super stiff sidewalls.

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significantly better times today. but still not up to par IMO. i had 7-8 runs and all were 14.6xx with 2.2xx 60' and 96 mph traps.

things i changed/did different from last week are:

oil change
cut big hold in air box to allow maximum flow(stock hole was tiny)
more agressive ecu chip (ih8ricerz all motor program)
regular tires with soft sidewalls at 15psi

car was very consistent. and since i wasnt getting any faster i did bracket racing again and won 40 bucks =) if i would have made it through one more round i w ould have made over 100 =(

next thing im gonna look at is my catalytic converter. after i pass emissions, im just gonna replace it with a straight pipe/ebay straight pipe "hi-flow cat".then run again in like 2 weeks. hardest problem is getting traction. id like to get some slicks but i cant afford it right now.

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stickershop said:
What are the gear ratios on the tranny that you are using? Perhaps some tighter gears would help your times a bit. Also, does your tranny have LSD?
tranny does not have lsd, but its a b16 cable tranny. near type r gearing minus the 4.7 FD

im thinking about picking up a set of drag radials and try it out.

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i got the drag radials, put in a straight pipe, and advanced the timing 2 degrees.

better times today =)

i advanced the timing 2 degrees and put in the straight pipe last night like i said before

i really wanna know my 60' time on this run but it had to be broken on my run, i dont know what happened. supposedly theeyve been having problems with it. so here it is, the best run...

r/t - .573
60' - .000
330 - 6.066
1/8 - 9.303
MPH - 77.02
1000 - 12.056
1/4 - 14.389
MPH - 97.34

im getting better and faster at shifting, im getting good at launching. i think whats holding me back with these tires and why they arent hooking up that great is because i have no lsd. when i do a burnout, just the one tire spins. but i just have to deal. i probably pulled a 2.0xx 60' on that run but like i said i cant know.

i can probably pull a few more degrees advance too. ill try a degree or 2 next time.

we got rained out, and it got pretty cold, with another run i mostlikely could have pulled a 14.2

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GSRCRXsi said:
if you are just burning first, then stop launching by dumping it at redline. you have to feather the clutch til you hookup then let off the clutch completely. or you need stickier tires. launching is 2nd is a waste of a gear.
Took those words right outta my mouth (i'm not drag racer, nor have i ever been to a track, but that makes sense to me anyway). Can't imagine launching on a redline being good for the clutch much either!

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Synoptic said:
your 0-60 should be around 2.0. Traction problem I see right now.

I did 14.86 with my D16Y7 Turbo at 5 PSI. I had a traction problem too.
No lsd- no slicks = Really bad times look at your 60 foot times..
I have a road race/ auto x car and i can turn a 13.6 with a b16 a1-J1 trans but i have a lsd and slicks.

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GSRCRXsi, in your first post, you said.. "its not the driver", well obviously it IS the driver...

I dont know how much drag racing experience you have.. but just by reading through this thread, it is obvious that you are getting BETTER! the more track time you have.. the better your times are going to get, to a point.. of course you will hit a peak with whatever given setup you are using.. All im saying, is that the more I read the clearer it became that you got to the track with a new setup, and you had what you thought was a crappy day time wise.. then the next week you went out, and did a little better.. etc..

You really need to learn how to launch your car.. this is something that cant really be taught.. its just something your going to have to learn on your own with your particular set up.. your 60ft times have gotten better.. but they could still improve by a few 10ths.. with the proper launch..

That is my biggest problem with my car, and my lack of good tires and a LSD.. im all smoke and spin until I hit 3rd gear.. my 60 foot times SUCK!! but the more I hit the strip, the better "feel" i get for what the car is doing, and how to control the wheel spin.

just keep practicing.. fiddle with the car as you need too.. but dont do anything too drastic.. just little changes here and there.. and just keep getting in runs!

Good luck to you..

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