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What do i do?

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I've run into a major problem with the guy that sold me my crx. I've paid the car in full($700), and when I picked up the car at turtle wax, where we both are currently employed, he told me he would have the title for it in 4 days and that I could come to work on that Tuesday the 3rd and pick it up. Well I called him that morning and got no answer so I decided to just go there anyways. He shows me some receipt or atleast thats what he called it. It was a receipt for a payment made on that car for about $350 on October 31st. He tells me that he's supposed to be getting the title that day and that he was going to call me when he did and drop it off at my house, well by this point I'm already frustrated, worried, and just plain annoyed. My mom decides that she wants to talk to this guy and make sure he's legit and to let him know that he needs to call me and tell me when he expects to have the title. Well that was the last time I had any contact with him at all, he told her that the car was from Canada and that the title was supposed to be Fed exed here on that Tuesday. So I'm like WTF :evil: ?! All in one day I find out a boat load about this car 1. he originally told me it was a 90 and the receipt said it was an 88, i asked him and he said he thought it was 90 too. and 2. This car is from Canada huh? doubt it. Personally I think I've given this guy plenty of my time and patience, not to mention that this is my only means of transportation and I've let him know that. I've called him and left messages all week and not one of them has been returned. I really don't want this to turn into a legal matter because I've wanted a CRX for as long as I can remember and they're becoming more and more hard to find, but I have work and school to get to. Not to mention that guy has 700 of my hard earned dollars. So I've come to you guys for advice. Do i sue this bastard for every penny that this situation is worth? Do I give him more time to come up with the title? Do I demand my money back? I hope someone can come with a good solution to this.
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Did anyone see you give him the $700? can they vouch for you as a witness? if you feel like you can't deal with him as a person, and are confident you can take him, go to the authorities immediatly! Don't let people scam you out of your $ and give you stolen goods... i had a similar experience where i put a down payment, found out the crx was stolen and then the guy took off with my $... too bad i didn't do anything about it :x

deal with it right away! don't let people take advantage of you and your hard earned money... good thing you work with the guy, it'll be easy to get all his information and make it known YOU MEAN BUSINESS :evil:
Yeah i had my girlfriend and my friend with me when I picked up the car. My manager saw me give him the money plus half of it was in the form of a check.
Well, just for future use, you should have done a couple things:

1) Get a reciept signed by him for the $700 you paid him. Make sure it says something about the year, make, model, and the VIN. Also make sure the date and both of your names is on it.

2) This is just me, but I would have waited until I have the title in my hand until I drive away and pay up. I know how it can get being excited about getting the car that you want, but it is better to wait and maybe not get the car than to either recieve stolen goods or get the car and it not have a title.

3) Make sure you do a CARFAX on it. I always do it for any car I buy(and if it is a good seller, they will have already done one and provide it for you). That way, you know what year it is for sure(by putting the VIN number in) and it can tell you a little about the car. It is well worth the $20 or so.

Anyway, if the title never shows up, you may be able to do something about it. Check with your DMV and explain the situation to them. I know that they aren't the friendliest people in the world, but it can't hurt to know what you can do about it. You may even be able to create a new title for yourself(but it will probably be pretty expensive). If not, you at least know what you can do until he either shows up with the title or you find out what is going on with it.

Also, if you happen to have a family attorney, consult with him/her your options and see what he/she has to say about your situation. Hope this helps...

What state are you from? I may be able to point you in the right direction if I can find anything out.

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I'm from Illinois and my dad's in law enforcement so I'm pretty sure we'll have his ass. I talked to my dad about it a little earlier and he ran the VIN at work and it didn't come back he said hes gonna double check and I'm still waiting to hear from him about how that went. If I made my own title for the car it would it still be a normal title?
man that sucks, i hope you get your money back. you should have told him you would pay him when he got the title that way if he wanted the money he would have to do it your way.

hope it gets straighted out and you can nail him for trying to screw you over.
Well, I did some checking, and you should be able to obtain a duplicate title. If the original title is lost, stolen, or mutilated, then you can obtain a duplicate title. The only problem is that you are a new owner of the vehicle, so you might have some problems there.

Check this site:

Thanks for that link. I checked it out and it doesnt really say what types of documents you need to be able to duplicate the title. I'm gonna call the DMV and see what they say.
I left him a message with a final warning to give me either my 700 or the title or else this is gonna get ugly. I'll let you guys know how it turns out.
Pimpin buddy... look at you, got one of the best cars ever made 8)
Good news, finally tracked the guy down and he said that the owner of the car is in California so she needs to authorize the car in his name so that he can get the title released from some dealership in chicago and then transfer it to my name. Said it should take 2 weeks. Bad news, I have no transportation for another 2 weeks and its snowing. I'm pissed.
Atleast it didnt get ugly 8) Id rather have that happen, then have to go split some dome pieces.
savestheday21 said:
... Said it should take 2 weeks...
If I were in your situation, I think I would be asking for my money back in the mean time or just something to act as collateral... Two weeks is more than enough time to disappear, and you have plenty of reason to suspect the guy.
thats exactly why we ended up calling the dealership. They ended up telling us 2 months, but that i could pay for temp plates until that time comes and when it does come it will be in my name. Hopefully there's truth to this but then again they're asking almost 200 hundred for it.
do you think he would honestly split for $700? that doesnt seem like a big enough sum of money to run away for, unless this guy is a real low-life or something.

i say this because disappearing sounds like its a big commitment... i know its not the government that is after him, but you have some resources with your dad as a cop.

maybe if he does end up trying to run off, tell him your dad is a cop first, he might lose his will to do so.
i don't think he's trying to run off, i think he's scared that there's gonna be consequences for selling a car without a title.
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