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The 92-95 Dizzy I what I'm using as well. Its a TD41U and you can find a used one for cheap, or probably get a new/rebuilt one for around $100. I find this preferable because it fits the head perfectly and has OBD1 plugs. You also want a P28 from a manual or an auto since you plan on chipping it anyway. Then either make a wiring harness from OBD1 sockets and OBD1 plugs for the dizzy and ecu or you can buy some from rywire for about 130 bucks. His stuff is quality, and I recommend it. You also want to pick up at least a 4-wire O2 sensor or just get an lc1 from moates since you'll probably want to datalog and tune sing crome. Speaking of moates you can pick up a honda chipping kit and other electronics there like a rom burner.
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