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What does your CRX want for christmas?

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If CRX's were people too, what would your CRX want for christmas? Mine wants a DC header and a paint job. :D
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I think mine would want a B16A1 and a C/F Hood :D :D :D .
This is #1 on the CRX's wishlist.

#2 is LINK

#3 is LINK but it wont happen because im not dumping that much into a set of seats. I may get some leather done for my oem ones but not likely anytime soon.
Eibach Pro-kit with Tokico Illuminas, and a Neuspeed upper front strut brace.
mine sits in the garage every day looking at its 99 percent done 11:1 B18a It just wants it dropped into it... And if it wants to really wish hard.... some pro body work and fresh paint.
Paint, paint, paint, and all the new parts I have bought this year to replace the ones that got marred or damged before I got the car..Oh yeah and all the rust gone... :lol:
bigger motor ... bigger turbo. bigger injectors and bigger exhuast.

b18c ... hc1... 660cc... 3in
all my poor crx wants is a new windshield and a new muffler. I think it might get a little spoiled though.
-New OEM paint job
-New Brembo Rotors
-Neuspeed Upper Front Strut Bar
-Either a fixed mini me with s/c or back to stock with s/c setup

But shhh! She doesn't know shes getting all that stuff yet. Its a suprise :wink:
Well I got mine a new flywheel, clutch, short shifter, and some new brushings. She is getting that all installed on Tuesday...a little before Christmas but she has been good this year.
Mine wants it's Electrical/Electronic Schematics (89 CRX DX)
#1-Crower rods

#2-Arias pistons

#3-ARP main studs

#4-A Turbonetics GT series turbo!

Grrrr.. :twisted:
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Mine would want the z6 head I bought reworked and put on... And the front brake lines and rear wheel cylinders that are snuggling with the head put on.

And new seats! <- Any ideas for a college student? (hint - poor!)
Bride XAX seats
Mine's a bit greedy. She wants a new driver's side door (getting it tomorrow), a few rust spots patched up, and an end to the hatch leak that has been destroying her interior.

She also wants the a/c and sunroof removed (she's feeling bloated :wink: ), and a CAI. If I can all of the above acomplished over Christmas break, the two of us will be getting along quite well.
i Don't know what she wants but i know what i'm giving her new lower ball joints new inner and outer tierods and a full energy suspension bushing kit
and maybe a gallon of sealer to go with the paint job shes getting this spring
New brakes. Maybe the EL upgrade?

New windshield.

And for me to finally install the factory sunroof visor and mud guards that have been sitting in boxes a few feet from her. I know, 5 minute job but ... so ... busy.

She did just get her first and only membership badge tonight:

The plastic is textured, so this may be a short-lived thing. But Tom sent so many ...
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Mine wants to be cancer free, have a zc swap, and boost. To go along with new suspension and brakes. Then it's on to new paint and some much deserved prestige.
Mine wants and whatever it wants it gets, bigger brakes and a beefier rear sway bar.
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