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jfrolang said:
poormansporsche said:
whats up with those seats brother?
I don't know, what about 'em? They're white leather and blue alcantara (synthetic suede) if that's what you're asking. More details in this thread.

Thanks for the comments guys.

Yeah Bas I saw your classified ad. I'm using the JDM plastic headlights right now. I really want some glass EDM H4 lights, but this project has nearly drained my funds. I'm moving next week too, so I don't think I can afford them right now. The paint is done too. It's staying the way it is, even if it does look a bit 'front-heavy'. I wanted to accentuate the front-end styling and highlight the (fake) brake ducts, hence the decision to paint the bottom of the front bumper. I didn't paint the lower trim elsewhere because I felt it would get dirty too easy, and I didn't want everything to be white. It may be hard to notice, but the front lip is Flint Black :D
Im sorry no offense.. the picture.. plus the synical ass that I am.. I assumed they were the typical.. jackass interior color whore ass.. which.. I retract now.. from what you describe they sound quite classy
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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