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what odb1 dizzy with dohc zc?

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Well, this summer IM going to be boosting my dohc zc :D . and id prefer to change to obd1. will a 92-95 sohc vtec obd1 dizzy fit on the dohc zc? if so/not what others will work?

Thanks in advance
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dont quote me on this but im pretty sure that the sohc dizzy wont work on a dohc
yeah i decided im going to get a new obd1 dizzy from distributor king
The 86-89 Integra distributor is the only one that I know of that bolts up to a ZC. Only problem is that the 'Teg is pre-OBD. I wonder if a Z6 distributor would bolt to a ZC head, or if the SOHC ZC distributor would work with the DOHC ZC.
I don't know the answer to this but if you point your browser here you will find your answer.

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