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What other cars have you owned??????

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I'll start first.

1 1984 Toyota van

2 1994 Mitsubishi Galant-POS

3 1991 Crx Si- RIP 10 months later

4 1991 CRX HF- Still have it

5 1991 Acura Integra RS- Stolen after owning it for a week :cry:

6 1991 CRX Si- Bought it for parst (b16, suspention. etc) the shell was totaled
7 1995 Acura Integra LS- Sold 6 months later

8 1994 Hunday Excel- Blew the engine 3 months later

9 1993 Civic Si (b18c1)- Stolen and stripped 1 months later :cry: Only drove it once to the gas station.

10 1996 Nissan 200SX- traded the GSR civic shell for this So I could take the rex of the streets for a while
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My list isn't nearly as long...

1. 1988 Oldmobile Cutlass Supreme Coupe - About 130hp V6

2. 1991 Honda Accord - Lots of great memories

3. 1988 Honda CRX Si - Purchased her spring of 2002

4. 1996 Honda Civic DX - Daily Driver
1. 1991 Honda CRX HF - Wrecked/Being fixed.
I've owned:

1993 Toyota Tercel (Tank... this car will take you places and it will never give up... stupid theives stole my system and rendered the car undriveable... RIP)
1990 Honda Crx SI (First car i bought for 300 bucks... enjoyed her for about 2 weeks before i sold her due to bad shape)
1991 Honda Crx SI SE (Gotta restore this baby) :D
1990 Ford Escort
1999 Saturn SC2
1992 Nissan Maxima (best deal I got on a car ever and some guy ran a red light and totaled it)
1991 Crx Si/R :p
To add to my list I drove a 91 mr2 turbo for about half a year since the maxima was totaled
1980 Firebird (burgundy) (biggest P.O.S. Definitely turned me off domestics)
1986 CRX DX (black) (purchased in '96, sold in '98...rust bucket)
1991 CRX Si (frost white) (my daily driver, purchased in '98)
1982 Toyota Supra (black) (owned for 2 months before donating it to the wreckers)
1991 CRX SE (vogue silver) (purchased in 2001, currently restoring)
1991 CRX SE (vogue silver) (purchased in 2003 as a gift for my gf)
1991 CRX SE (vogue silver) (purchased last month)
72 dodge colt (1st car, given to me in 1987 I think)
70 Pontiac LaMans
76 Chevy Nova
70 VW bug
67 VW bug
77 Firebird
2 more 70 LaMans's (1 of them a part car)
80 Firebird
another 67-68 bug for parts
at least 4 more 75-81 firebirds parts cars
82 Firebird (never got anywhere with it,sold it)
73 Firebird 455 (traded for 66 bug below)
90 crx si (and so starts the decline of my domestic car years)
66 VW bug (traded the 73 bird for it)
88 crx Si, blk(bought wrecked, parts/project)still have
88 crx hf, dk blue(gave to gf at time)EDIT: Found out tonight this one is being returned to me.
90 crx dx wht(wrecked, got free for parts)still have
91 crx hf, wht(bought wrecked for parts)still have
91 crx Si, wht(project to sell)still have
80something ElCamino, I forget exactly
91 crx Si, blue(bought wrecked)still have
90 crx Si, red (traded for Y-49 below)
93 civic cx (also given to x-gf)still in my name
90 crx Si, blk (current daily driver)still have
91 crx dx shell, blk (traded an engine for it)still have
90 crx Si, Y-49 (traded above red si for this one)still have

Holy crap that's more than I thought it'd be, and I've proby forgotten one or two.
And I probly have a pics somewhere of damn near everyone on them.
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1988 Honda CRX DX
1995 Honda Civic EX Coupe
1989 Honda Accord Lxi (was my wife's when I got married)
1990 Honda CRX Si (current)
2002 Nissan Xterra XE
1997 Nissan Pathfinder XE 4WD (current)
Wow I am going to be the shrimp on this post

Don't remember the year Ford Granada
1984 Dodge 2.2 turbo Daytona
Again don't remember the year Old three in the tree pick em up truck
1995 Dodge Neon
1988 CRX My plans are to take this car to the end or my life or it's :lol:
Cool, I like these threads... I think Shorte's got me beat though :)

1977 VW Dasher - 0-60 in 15 seconds!
1982 BMW 320i - First car I bought myself, learned to drive manual in it.
1974 BMW 2002tii - non-tii engine though :(
1976 BMW 2002 - parts car that came with the '74
1991 CRX Si - traded in the 320i for it
1969 Ford Mustang - too rusty to restore, abandoned in field, destroyed by tornado :twisted:
1997 Toyota Tercel Blackhawk - leased, traded in 1991 CRX for it :shock: :oops: A mistake I regret to this day :cry:
1983 Honda Civic 1500 - Used so I wouldn't exceed the mileage allowed on the Tercel's lease.
1996 Nissan 300Z - Stolen and burned after 2 years
1989 CRX Si - I LOVE THIS CAR!!!!!
1992 Subaru SVX - Was intended as a winter beater so I wouldn't have to drive my 300Z in the snow. Became primary transport when the Z was stolen.
1976 Ford F150 4x4 - I'd rather forget this one...
1992 Nissan Sentra SE-R - Bought for transport while my 89 CRX was out of commission. Sold to buy wedding rings.
1995 Honda Accord 5spd - My "real estate agent" car. Sold when I realized I sucked as a real estate agent.
1988 CRX HF - $100! Rusty, leaks gas, barely runs.
1983 Porsche 944 - Reward for finally finding myself a real job after 1 1/2 years unemployed.
1992 Civic CX - Newest addition, $275 on craigslist.
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87 Chevy Caprice $800 ( ex cop car. FAST for a big tank. tranny went out
junkyard it went)
84 Mustang V6 $600 ( odom tripped 112k and that was it ) 69 Ford

Ranger 6ft bed $900 ( other than my current hondas, it was the the best
running vechicle I have owned. 6mpg sucks.)

96 Cavalier $5,500 in 97 or 98 ( 88k when i bought it. 190k when they
they totaled it in 99. 3 Major wrecks,
none my fault. 3rd one totaled it.)

88 CRX DX 99' $600 ( Painted green w/gold flake paint, ran on 3cyl
went to the junkyard in 00)

91 CRX Si $1800 repo ( still own it )

2000 Civic Ex 11k when i got it i think ( bought it for my g/f. you wouldn't
believe how hard it is to find a
Silver 5spd EX around here.)
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In the order I owned them -

1. 1967 Dodge Charger, 440 big block, 10" drum brakes - my first car. Taught me alot about working on cars.

2. 1970 Chrysler LeBaron - donor car for the 440. Drove it around for awhile with "Mafia Staff Car" stickers on it.

3. 1980 Honda Civic GL hatch. My first Honda, showed me that some cars you don't have to work on all the time. Some cars you can just drive.

4. 1986 Honda CRX Hf. My first CRX, I wanted a Si but couldn't find one. At the time you could buy a brand new second gen but I couldn't afford one as a poor college student.

5. 1989 CRX Si. My current DD, best car I've ever owned.

6. 1990 Toyota Camry. Wife's car, so plain it's badges should've just said "Car".

7. 1995 Mazda Miata also wife's car. She loved it but I was incredibly disappointed in it's quality. It constantly needed work. We sold it the day after she was literally blown off the highway by a semi.

8. 1995 Honda Civic EX coupe. Never saw the inside of a shop the entire time we owned it. Died after rear end collision.

9. 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Biggest POS I've ever owned. Unfortunately it's paid for and worth nothing as a trade so I'm stuck with it. I use it to tow my boat.

10. 2000 Sea Pro 210 Center Console, 150 Yamaha, T Top. My fishing boat and one the things that not having a car note (thanks to my CRX)allowed me to buy.
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1983 f-150 v8
1997 ranger i4
1999 ranger extended cab v6
1970 dodge dart custom 318
1963 1/2 ford galaxie 500xl 390 4bbl.
1994 honda cbr 600f2
1989 crx si (zc)
1990 civic hatch dx
1) 1985 Jeep CJ-7(4"susp. lift, 4" body lift, 37" MT Super Swampers
2) 1999 Chevy S-10(Air susp., 18's(front)-20's(rear), pimped-out
3) 1991 CRX HF(stock the whole time)
4) 1991 CRX Si(currently owned)

1984 Ford Thunderbird with full drivetrain from a 1991 Mustang GT

1986 Chevy Cavalier Z24 V6

1991 CRX

That is all.
1979 Datsun KingKab PU - parents
1972 Chevy Luv - mine, sold
1988 Honda CRX Si - MINE!
OK here goes...who started this crazy post?
Just remember you asked... :twisted:
1.)78 Granada 302 cid auto POS! lol

2.)77 mustang v6 cobra II look alike

3.)81 escort 3 dr(zOOMZOOM)

4.)76 cobra II(this time a real one!)289 hipo closed chamber heads,10" cheater slicks,headers,750 dbl pmpr holley,4:11 rear,shaker scoop,all the flares,skinny frt runners,Ran 13.1 woot!

5.)67 mustang fastback,grabber orange 289 v8 auto,anson slots(Man I miss her!) :sad:

6.)69 Mach I 460w/429 ported/polished heads, C6 trans,coan converter(one mean mutha)

7.)73 dodge valiant,225 6 cyl<---awesome car!

8.)79 chevy 1500 flare bed 305cid

9.)79 chevy 3500 4X4 8"lift 38"swampers,350cid full chrome show bar with KC highlights.(Nice looker but what a POS)

10.)95 ford F150 I-6 lets just say this ones white ok?stick(Man I miss that one) :(

11.)86 VW jetta GLI

12.)93 Tempo(LOL need I say more?)Once again white text just doesnt show up too good...

13.)95 Escort wagon(LOL I'm getting worse)



16.)98 Ford Windstar(wifes ride,DONT LAUGH) :lol:

17.)70 VW bug(still have)

18.)90 crx Si Y-49(my other wife!) lol

19.)89 civic EF hatch( my newest winter project) :D
I've taken the liberty of color coding each line the cars color....enjoy! lol

Whew theres my trip down memory lane....
Oh yeah I still have #'s 16,17,18,19 and 13. :shock:
Am I a car addict or what? :lol:
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1976 Plymouth Volare (yech!)
1988 CRX HF

Short list for a 44-year-old, huh? :D

Shorte's list is unbelievable! The ultimate in "car promiscuity!" :lol:
Laure said:
Shorte's list is unbelievable! The ultimate in "car promiscuity!" :lol:
Not only that, but he's kept a bunch of them. It's a car harem! Now if only I could apply that strategy to girlfriends....hmmmm :lol:
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