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What parts do I get to fix a sloppy shifter?

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I believe I need the "rear joint bushing" to get rid of the slop in my shifter, correct?

While I have it apart, is there anything else I should be looking for?
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You might also need a new linkage (shift rod), the U-joint thing in it tends to wear out and it's not replaceable. I think a new one from Honda is 25 bucks or so. For the bushings, get the Energy Suspension shifter stablilizer kit.
Ah, ok.

I've gotta stop over there one of these mornings to order fender clips for my corner lights too. I'll add that rod to my "to get" list.

is the ES kit stiffer than stock? I dont mind the stock shift feel, I jsut can't stand the 4-6 inches of left/right play i currently have. I never know if I'm in first, third, or fifth. lol
It's not harder to shift, but it feels more crisp and precise.
the ES kit does solve some of the slop from under the shifter.

but tom is right that the universal joint is the cause for most of the slop usually. and its not replaceable. but it can be rebushed by the skilled machinist. someone was selling new Ujoints that you could cut the old one off and reweld. but that was a LONG time ago.
As soon as you mention cutting and welding, I'm thinking OEM replacing... lol.

I guess I just gotta tear it all out and see what looks like crap and go from there.
make sure to replace the spring (bitch) pin
Ok, I'm going to go play on Majestic a few minutes to try and find the Honda part numbers and then call my local stealership.

Thanks guys.

Just to make sure I'm getting hte right stuff, I want the follwoing 3 parts?
Shift rod
Rear Joint Bushing
Spring pin
you shouldnt need the rear joint part, unless the shifter itself is shot...

order this ... toview=sku
to replace the front and rear stabilizer bar mounts so itll actuall stabilize again. (parts 16 and 18)

then order part 54201-SH3-A04 (14) and 94305-80202 (29) to fix your sloppy u joint and its worn out roll pin.

[email protected]
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Awesome. Thanks Matt for the clarification. I'll get the parts handy, so when I get the guts to do my clutch, I can do the shift linkage while it's all disconnected.
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