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steve3p0 said:
I'm wondering if these blaupunkt VX662 6.5" 480w car speakers will fit in the front door panel of my '91 CRX. My main concern is that their mounting depth is 2.9", which sounds like it is pushing it considering the speaker enclosure in the door was made for a 5.25" diameter speaker. I fear that even if I cut out part of the door panel behind the enclosure I will not have enough room, these 6.5" speakers are listed as "oversized" :(

Here is a link to the item on ebay: ... dZViewItem
I'm not sure about the fit, but keep in mind that they're actually rated at 120 watt RMS. (I never understood why some companies list the peak power). I only mention this if you're looking for speakers for an existing amp.
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