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what to do with my b18

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Ok i need some serious suggestions on what to do to my new engine. . . it is mostly going to be stock but i figured that i would get it a little something to make it happy... heres the deal. . . . 90 b18a1 from a teg.... running with 120,000 miles... pulled it down and the cylinders look great still got crosshatches on them.. miced them and they are all within spec... ordered civic delsol pistons for a b16 ( domed) and was just going to stick it together like that. . . .I got her all cleaned up and ported the head just enough to gasket match it I have sold a few of my little gadgets that i do not use anymore to fund this small project. . . . and ended up with about 200 to 300 dollars extra....
just wondering what I dhould do withthe ramaining money..... i am not saving it for something that costs more it was hard enough for me to save up this..... I just want to buy something cool for it that will yield the best power results i was thnking about an aftermarket intake manifold but not sure any one have any good brands that actaully make power. . .. . i ordred my bearings and gaskets and stuff today and am looking forward to putting it together the pistons should be pressed on and done at the machine shop by friday. . .

thanks for your input .. .
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I've heard good things about the JG Edelbrock intake manifold. You might wanna research that a bit. Other than that, maybe you could get a B16 head for your block and setup an LS/VTEC setup.
The ls vtec combo is out of my pricerange as of now and i actauly enjoy having low end torque with the b18 and not having to pound it to high rpm's all the time just to feel the power band.... i know they still make more torque than a b16a but still ill keep it a low rev torque monster for now yeha ill look into that intake. . . . .have any other suggestions for a cheaper intake that i could score for about 200 or so ???? i know edelbrock stuff for imports is good but pricy..... not being a cheapskate just so not have a lot of $$4 to work with at the moment. . .

Maybe lightened flywheel, a homemade cool air intake ram/scoop, port matching the intake manifold and the header.... Trying to think of other cheapies that you can do.
I second the lighter flywheel, I sooo much love my alum one.
shorte said:
I second the lighter flywheel, I sooo much love my alum one. has a great deal on the Evolution Industries flywheel for a b-series only $159.99 shipped. I think it ways about 11.5lbs. Not as cheap as lightening the stock one though.
lighter flywheel is good for getting the engine up to high rpms though. if you like your low rpm torque, then there isnt much point in lightening the flywheel. makes starting on hills a pain too, and downshifting doesnt stop your car nearly as well. ive never owned a car with a lightened flywheel, but ive heard to do that to a daily-driver is a mistake.
Stavros said:
ive heard to do that to a daily-driver is a mistake.
I think it's a matter of personal preference. You'll hear people say that it's a mistake, and then you'll hear others that think it's awesome. As long as you're comfortable with shifting gears fast and are quick on the pedals, it's really no inconvenience at all. I drive mine daily with an 8.4 lb flywheel, and I love it. Maybe I'll let you drive it next time you're out here so you can see what it's like.

As for things that I would *not* recommend for a daily driver. I do *not* recommend getting an ACT Xtreme pressure plate for a daily driver. It makes the pedal *very* much that it actually gives me calve muscle cramps in stop and go traffic. I'm sure my left calve is disproportionately larger than my right now! :lol:
Well i went witht he porting the intake and head to match the gasket. .
got the head about done the intake i am still working on it is a slow process getting it just right... that ought to be good for a little better breathing. .
the flywheel I can have my friend take to work and wack some poundage off of it. . it is a heavy sucker.. I agree with your post about the race clutch... I ran a triple disk in my vega from my stock car once while my trans was out and it was a bear to press and it was either on or off no slipping it here...

running lower on money than I thought.. .. gaskets were more than i thought rod bearings timing belt and gaskets were 180.00 my fund is slowly disappearing. . . i got a call frommy friend I think my pistons are done from the machine shop... might be assembling this weekend :) yeah. . .
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