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what wallpaper do you use?

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im sure ill get laughed at for this one but what wallpaper is everyone using just want to see the cool crx ones people have heres mine

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i have so many shortcuts on my desktop I use a solid black background so I can see them all. every once in a while I throw a pic of my car on, though.
I use the good old windows green hills blue sky one...

That first pic is pretty cool though.
I've got a KAwasaki ZX-6RR at full lean on my work laptop. At home I have a pic of a car fender that has kill stripes on it for handicapped, peds, bikers, motorcycles, police, etc. I thought it was funny at the time.

I like that pic in the first post. Can we get an enlarged version of that? Also what do people think about putting together a wallpaper page with really good hi-res images of crxs? These should be filtered of course.
i now have the same one that mark has.... . I just like the pic and there is a cool crx in it as well. .

This is my wallpaper on my Mac at work (resized, of course). I'm a pretty hardcore Beatles fan...dozens of books, hundreds of bootleg albums, etc. I haven't had that many CRX wallpapers over the years, but I did use the "Pull Some Gees" ad for awhile.

I DO have about a 12" wide photo of a CRX Si from a May 1990 Motor Trend reprint hung up here at work right beside the monitor. The back of it has a quote about the CRX Si being a Ferrari for people with thin wallets.

jfrolang: You may have commented on this before, but are those the sinnovations2 window visor things? I've been wanting a pair, but they have been sold out of the door-mounted seatbelt versions for at least a couple of months now, though they claim more are coming soon. If you could do it over, would you buy another set? They are kinda pricey but I really like the looks of them (especially for my black car), plus I can smoke in the rain or crack the window to reduce fogginess on the windows without getting wet!

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currently this one is mine. one of my most favorite crx's evar 8)

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I found this site:

Astronomy Picture of the Day

And this is on my desktop...for the moment.

It's called "Earthrise", taken by Apollo 8 as they emerged from behind the moon.

Lot's of cool images with explanations for the less then Phd among us.
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I used these for ages...

Also these...

This isn't by car but love the look of it, especially as I was close to buying one before the Lex...

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This is my favorite.

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those are the past few ones i've used...

yeah, so i have a creepy eye. big deal. :lol: :lol:
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I don't want to hurt anyones eyes so I wont post mine...
(Picture of my car)
Charlie, I'm loving the shot of the '56 Ford.
Yeah Ryan those are the Sinnovations2 Slim Visors. I really like them, I'd buy them again.

I kinda love this one. :D

oh and of course this one is like liquid crack for me.

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I work with dual screen ...

Two CRX Community Wallpapers...

One with Red CRX and one with White CRX :)
My current wallpaper is of the Skyline GTR CRX papers for now.
Penz said:
I work with dual screen ...
Multi-screens FTW! 8)

My desk:

I'll post my BG tomorrow :)
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Boy you look happy holding that in your hands. Then again, who wouldnt.

Lets see, i dont have a computer at the monent so no desktop but past ones,

I had lots of tuner cars on there over the years.
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