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Wheels - what is the offset?

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When buying aftermarket wheels, what is the offset? I mean, what does it actually measure. What does the +40 actually mean?
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offset is the distance of the mounting face on the back of the wheel from the center of the rim.
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Ok, so if you had two wheels exactly the same, except the offset... One has a +40 and one has a +0, the one with a +40 offset would make the wheel stick out farther than the one with a +0.
Actually, I think the wheel with the least offset will stick out further. Positive offset is the measure of how far the mounting surface is towards the front of the wheel (from the center line as shown above).
yea 0 would make it stick out farther. because that would mean that the mounting location would be in the center of the rim. the mounting location on the suspension doesnt move so the smaller the offset the farther the wheel sticks out
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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