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Where do you like to drive?

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Where do you like to drive the most?
city driving17.14%
mountain roads1178.57%
race track only00.00%
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This is inspired by the thread CRX "Love"

just wondering where you guys like to do most of your driving. doesnt necessarily mean spirited driving, but that could influence your response. I have included five choices, but if you think more should be added, let me know.

Give me your reasons why you chose your favourite driving situation, and dont hold back on the details.

example, i chose curvy mountain roads because i love taking corners back to back, no breaks in between. the weight transfer of the car, the transition from corner to corner, and the feel of the road through my steering wheel all make me smile. i am usually going the speed limit on these roads, but i dont slow down much for corners. i realise the danger in driving fast under these conditions, but i just cant afford to take it to a race track while going to school.
There's something about driving through mountains in New England...

I love driving home from school over Route 9 in Vermont, I've done the trip so many times and I know every corner perfectly. You're right, you don't need to speed most of the time, just don't slow too much in the corners. Another great road, which I think is considered one of the best motorcycle roads in the country, is Route 2 between Troy NY (where I go to school) and Boston (near where my parents live). If any of you have driven that road you know exactly what I'm talking about. I've never been on a more fun drive, but I've never been to Deal's Gap either.
Mountain driving engages you the most, and tests the car the most too. Also, with a "slow" car like the stock CRX, you can be the fast guy on the road. How many times have you been passed by a ricer in a faster, big sedan on the freeway, trying to get you to race because you're in a CRX? That doesn't happen in the mountains, because it's about cornering and being light on the tires/brakes. On a clear day it's best, since you get the amazing views on top. There is nothing like it, I could go on and on...
I don't think anyone else here lives in my area, but if anyone happens to be up here, I do sunday drives with about 5 other people when the weather is nice, through the Green Mountains and the Berkshires. We meet for breakfast around 8 and drive until lunch, stop for food, then turn around and go home.
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while i love to do the curvy stuff (pikes peak kinda scared me)

i love me some city driving, i am a show off, i am about looks lol sorry i could be classified as a ricer at heart but i love to be noticed, there is nothing like cruzing down a main street and watching people break there necks just to get a glimpse, then showing up a a lot later and hearing people say thats the dude i was telling you about........... plus i don't like to crash into stuff so ya
The town I used to live (and where I'll be moving back to in 1.4 years) has these wicked twisty roads in all directions. It was literally a moutain driver's dream!

Have I mentioned that I hate the town I'm living in right now?
Definately the curvy backroads. There's not alot of "mountain roads" where I live, but theres alot of wooded areas that have some nice roads. Freeway driving is a close 2nd though... just trying to push it to the limit is the ultimate rush.
since I live in colorado we have tons of mountians roads and the twisties are so much fun to drive
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