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Where is your other hand while driving, Shifter or wheel?

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Where are your hands while driving...?
Both hands on wheel, one hand leaves only to shift...1327.08%
One hand on wheel, other rests on shifter...1020.83%
I alternate between both methods above...2552.08%
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I was looking up some info and thought up this question...

While your driving, Where is your other hand?
For us LHD rexers, It can be:
Both hands on wheel, right hand only leaves to shift...
Left hand on wheel, right hand rests on shifter
Left hand on wheel,right hand on the leg of the lady in your passenger seat.... :p or just using the arm rest between the seats if you have one.

And for the messed up RHD rexers, its vice versa...... :twisted:

Ive seen people steer with thier right hand, and shift....Left hand rests on the door arm rest unless they are shifting. Which looks like unneeded work.

I personaly drive with my left hand and my right hand rests on the shifter... Unless Im in a major hurry or on a curvy road having fun...:D Then its both hands on wheel at all times.
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I usually drive with my left on the wheel and my right does various other things.

I drive with both hands on the wheel when pulled over :lol:
When auto-x, Both hands on wheel other than shifting, same with spirited driving, casual everyday driving I steer with my left and rest my right on the wifes thigh or shifter or my armrest.
My right hand is deffinitely on the shifter... or on the deck in front of it.... but mostly on the shifter!
left hand on the wheel, right hand hopefully occupied by a girl, most likely sitting on the e-brake handle or my lap. unless in im traffic, then i always keep it on the shifter.
I used to drive with my left hand on the wheel and the right hand on the shifter but after I started autox, both of my hands are on the wheel unless I have to shift, unless I'm sitting in traffic, then my right hand is on the shifter constantly. Occasionally, I'd put my hand on my GF's thigh. LoL
Its me DUB said:
10 and 2 baby.
mainly, but it depends on the situation... If I'm just out for a cruise, I tend to let the right hand wander, especially since my truck has an armrest.
I usually have my right hand on the shifter but if I'm allready up to speed and dont plan on shifting anytime soon, then I drive with my right hand and let the left hang out the window or door rest. but I rarely have both hands on the wheel unless it's a really curvey road
MarkWilliamson said:
Looks to me like your driving an unispectible vehicle there Mark. :wink:
One hand on the wheel, one hand on X button, that's the gas, DUH!
Left hand on the wheel, right hand on the shifter, arm resting on the armrest, or making an appropriate gesture to other drivers. :lol:
Lef hand on the wheel. Right hand dangling in the air as I rest my arm on my genuine JDM console/armrest! :?
Its me DUB said:
10 and 2 baby.
That's how I was taught.....I was told to never rest my hand on the shifter. Over the years it's become habit....
Left hand on wheel, and right usually on the shifter.
I alternate. I need to develop some method of driving akin to "the stranger'

hmm.... :p
Both hands on the wheel for safety...the way you're supposed to drive. Leaving a hand on your shifter is bad for your transmission anyways.
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