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where to buy a helms

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I am rebuilding my b16 and i need a helms because this bearing stuff is getting confusing. I plastigaged my stock mains with the bearings that it came with so i assume stock.
1. .002
2. .0015
3. .001
4. .0015
5. .0015

Thats inches.

Ive been reading up and people talk about .0015-.0020 is a good range but my number 3 bearing is .001 so that means i need thinner or thicker bearing? thinner right?
See i need this manuel any1 know where to get one for a b16?
Also what does this mean when i buy acl bearings dont they just come in 1 size? std?
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I order all of mine from Helm direct, I think this is the number (800) 782-4356. Make sure you order the one for the car the engine came in, if it is a JDM engine I would get the 99-00 Civic Si manual. For now though, I have a link to some of the Factory Service manuals here
You can call your local dealer and confirm the color you need for your engine given the clearances you have.
The ACL are all one size if I recall correctly.
Ti Rider said:
why buy?

just download it and print out the pages you need. :wink:
from where?
Ragnaarok said:
Ti Rider said:
why buy?

just download it and print out the pages you need. :wink:
For just an engine like a B16, I'd probably just print the engine section out. No point in buying an entire Integra service manual for just the engine. But I like having the bound copy when I'm working on my car. With the bound copy if I need to look at something in different section I can just flip over to it. I don't have to stop, clean up, go to my computer, find the additional sections, download them, then print them. To me it's worth the $58 not to have to do that.....
which one of these should i get, that would have the most info on the engine
You want the third one down, it is the Factory Service manual.
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