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B18b with Hasport A/C adaptor, matsu****a compressor...which A/C belt do I use?
When my B swap was done, I recall there being some issue with the fitment of the stock CRX belt, but that was 3.5 years ago and my recall is hazy.

Hasports site is down or I'd be looking there first.

I've gotten serious about driving the CRX again...let's just say its been awhile. It was semi retired spring of 04 for a couple reasons.
1. I had just been laid off...financal resources were reallocated to bare essentails. The second and third car were put on hold.
2. The lack of A/C (crapped out compressor) and summer was fast approaching. I know, it sounds wuss-ish but in my defense, I do live in Texas. With typically 3+ months of 95 degree heat or higher, humidity that outdoes the average sauna and the legendary Austin traffic jams...only a masochist goes without A/C. Plus I didn't want to sweat soak my very-fine-condition Si seats.
3. A nagging clunk (suspension, I think) that I hadn't been able to diagnose. I wanted to figure out what was causing it before something broke while I was driving it and put me into a guardrail.

Anyway, to paraphrase a much smarter man than myself...objects at rest tend to stay that way. I miss driving the car. I just ordered a new compressor and drier. I have a reasonably steady job so I can start "playing" again. I now have access to a lift so I should be able to get under there and really figure the clunk out.
Hopefully I'll be back on the road in a couple weeks.

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I looked at my friends car this weekend to double-check
this info.
The previous number was incorrect..
The belt he is using on a B16/hasport bracket and the matsu****i
compressor is NAPA #25-040-350
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