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Which brake pads should I go for?

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It's brake time again. I'm definitely going for a set of Brembo blanks. But I need suggestions as to which pads I should go for. I'm looking for some good performance pads that have a decent life expectancy. Some people have already mentioned that I should go for Hawk HPS+ pads. What other ones would you suggest?
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My first question has got to be,what is the car going to be mainly used for?
Auto-X=Hawks :)b
daily driver=Good raybestos or wagner ceramic pad.
Im looking at those hawk pads as well.
I've got porterfield R4S' on silverbolt all way around. Love'em love'em love'em.
I hope to one day make it to the local auto-cross events... so let's say that that is the type of pad that I am looking for.

Next question: Where's a good place online to get Hawk or Porterfield pads?
The porterfields I actually ended up just calling them direct.
Stickershop, Not too long ago I replaced my Autozone semimetallic pads with Hawk HPS. I'll be honest, I can't tell a huge difference. Stopping distances and their "feel" are comparable to my former $19 Duralast specials. I also replaced both calipers, rotors, and brakelines with Goodridge. I fully bled the system, my brake pedal is rock solid, but it wasn't the huge leap in braking I was expecting.

I bought my Hawks from the for $59. Not the best price out there but I had them two days after I ordered them....
Ill second the $20 auto parts brand. I couldnt notice a difference in the hawk pads or the advance auto silvers.
Sticker, are you considering the HPS or HP+? Although I haven't any experience with Hawk HPS pads, I quit using regular "store bought" pads in my solo2 car. Of course, I sold that CRX nearly three years ago. The store bought pads must have come a long way since I last used them and maybe I'll use 'em in my next car. During the last few years I had my CRX I used HP+ pads since they didn't require much heat build-up to be effective. They're supposed to have a lot more bite than the HPS and I believe it. At the time, the HP+ pads I used gripped my rotors like a [email protected]#$%er. Just be ready to wipe brake dust off your wheels ever other day. :shock:

Rodarbal said:
Just be ready to wipe brake dust off your wheels ever other day. :shock:
That's what I heard. Apparently the HPS pads are just a toned down version of the HP+ pads. Hawk promises less dusting with the HPS pads, but they also don't bite into the rotors as much.
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