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White Castle

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Well I had to go and watch that damn movie today. Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. Funny movie, but left me hungry, very hungry. Now I dont have a white castle or krystals anywhere close to me. No tiny hamburgers for me....until I googled it. I found a recipe that is pretty close to the real thing and thought I would share for all of you guys like me that are too far but still crave them.

1 lb. Ground Beef
1 Vidala Onion
1 3 oz jar of beef baby food
Onion Powder
1/3 cup beef broth
Pre cooked dinner rolls. Pepperidge Farm Rolls are very good and the right size.

First chop up the onion. I like small pieces, but whatever you want.

In bowl mix the ground beef ( uncooked ) , desired amount of onion, beef baby food, salt and pepper to your liking and broth.
Mix well and spread out in cookie sheet. Make sure to keep the thickness close along the whole pan. Bake at 400 degrees ( F ) for 10 - 15 minutes. Apply cheese if desired while hot. I also put some garlic powder on now for extra flavor.

To soften rolls you can either put them in a pan, lightly wet the tops with water and put in the oven to warm and soften or put them in a big ziplock bag, wet the tops and give it 10-30 depending on you microwave.
Rolls are easier to cut before you heat them BTW.

Enjoy :D
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The frozen ones from the grocery store taste just like the real thing. :wink:
I made about 30 of them today for about $6 :D
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