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Wierd Steering - $1,700 repair bill

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When turning sharply to the right, the left wheel hops/drags every few feet and there is noticeable resistance at the wheel. I also noticed that with the steering wheel centered, the wheels were still pointing to the right by maybe 10-15 degrees. On the road, it drives normally (for now). I took it to Les Schwab, thinking maybe tied rod, or rack. According to them, it needs both, which I find surprising. Why would both fail at the same time?

There's no way we're paying that much so once again, I will do the work myself. They wanted $800 alone, just for a rack!

My plan is to order all of the parts so they're on hand for the operation, and return what is not needed. (Hoping it's just tie rods).

With the tie rods removed, how can I tell if the rack is good or bad?
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P20-BOOO case then?

You might end up needed a newer clutch side case

VSS drive gear was damaged as well....

I know a guy in Everett that can help if needed. roughly 90 miles away....across the bay.
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Got it apart and I think the case looks ok but that diff bearing is definitely shot. Anything else that looks out of order? There is some rust on the diff and the splines that I'll need to get off. I might also replace the diff pin, since I've read so many horror stories about them going bad. I'm going to have the case hot tanked for $35.


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Since you'll be stripping the cases down bare, replace the input shaft bearing and seal as well as the whole diff assembly as that diff pin looks iffy.

Where are you located? I might have a left over OEM with good bearings and speedo ring gear from a LSD diff install for a customer. How do the shifter fork tips look, those are another wear point.

ISB and seal kit, OEM diff replacement.

Also plan on stripping both shafts down for cleaning, you'd be surprised what hides inside the shafts.

I have a D seal kit in stock and an OEM diff without a speedo gear on hand right now.
I had already ordered this kit and was planning to replace seals and bearings.

I was planning to replace the diff pin and was hoping to reuse the diff if everything looks ok. I will send more photos.
You don't need all the in the kit and the whole diff should be replaced. Plus you'll still need the VSS drive gear.

I've only done about 500 of these over the past 25 years....
You don't need all the in the kit and the whole diff should be replaced.
Replace diff with something new or is rebuilt ok?
Would this diff work in a D16? This would have the newer pin, which I've read is less prone to failure. The price seems pretty fair and it's clean.
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