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Will a Wagon wiring harness work in a CRX?

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My newest project is an 89 HF that will be receiving a B16 shortly... however I need a new wiring harness. When the previous owner had the car, it was stolen and gutted. The plug for the MAP sensor was cut, as well as the ECU plugs. So... I need a new harness.

Can I use a complete, uncut harness from a 90 Civic Wagon? I pulled one earlier today cause I figured since it used the same engine and PGMFI setup as the HF and Si, it would be compatible. All of the plugs are the same, but I have a few left over for the 4WD I assume. I'm also assuming that the 4WD system is handled separately from the ECU, since I haven't seen anything about 4WD in the stuff I've read about ECUs. Please advise!
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i used a harness from a wagovan a while back. cant remember if it was 4wd or not though. I just saw d16a6 under the hood and pulled it off.
But everything worked correctly? Were there any wiring differences? What was your application? Thanks for the reply.
i used it on an h22. i needed an mpfi harness and it was all i could find. I dont recall having any plugs left over or anything.
Alright, so I pulled the CRX harness and laid it next to the Wagon harness, and everything is pretty much plug and play... except for the climate control mode selector and a few extra wires for who knows what. The Rexs mode selector is all electronic, and the Wagons is cable operated. Cutting the plugs and wires that operate the mode motors from the Rex harness and adding them to the Wagon harness will do just fine I think. I'll report back here with my findings.
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