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Edit 2:
EV Conversion Update Pictures

Since this thread is so long, this summarizes what's documented here. Lots of pictures.

This is a Frankenstein of:
Civic EK armrest/cupholders
2nd gen crx trunk divider
Civic vx D15z1 motor
EM57 Electric Motor
Leaf Battery Management and Inverter
24kWh Leaf Battery Modules (~92 miles range)
40kWh Leaf Battery Modules (~200 miles range)
Resolve-EV Controller
Civic 84 hatch trunk cover
Insight cluster
Some GM car's rear view mirror
Prelude seats
Integra flip lights/signals, part hood/fender
Civic Hx rims
2 different 1st Gen 1986 CRXs

Have fun!

so back in july 26, 2007, some dude in milpitas california decided to give his 86 crx si for free on craigslist.

i showed up the next day with a borrowed truck and a rented dolly from u-haul and it was mine XD

the car was in pieces.. wasn't running... hatch wouldn't close, hood latch was broken... broken lights everywhere... engine bay looked like someone put oil in a water gun and had lots of fun and thats just the start

got it home, found a piece of rubber gasket that kept the hatch from closing... removed it and the hatch close normally again

put in another battery... car started... dead battery

found that the valve cover gasket was busted and spitting oil like insane

but for the mean, time, i put the project aside til october 2007


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October 26 2007, I started to work on the crx

first thing i did was replace my hood... my friend once had a broken hood latch.. the hood opened on the freeway and smashed his windshield and lowered his roof... X.x.... so i picked up a hood from the grave and roller primed it.

next was that my PGMFI light kept turning on... engine code light 1 was on

so i replaced my O2 sensor.... or i tried... couldn't figure out how to reach it since it was so crammed in there right up to the radiator -.-;;

so i took off the front bumper and took off the radiator and air condensor ^.^;;;

well... after i took that off.. i was kinda lazy to put it back together.... so.. i decided to pull the engine and rebuild it >.>;; lazy indeed XD


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days drifted by and my crx sat in the garage as i studied for my finals

a d16a1 or b16a3 engine swap tempted me at the time....
but with my low income as a college student... california's cursed smog
regulations... and my limited time... i opted for an engine rebuild

i obviously didn't take enough pictures of the rebuild but i got plenty of
pictures of my own personal... mm... interest...

i was always fascinated with pop-up headlights... my original plan was to get
a mk3 supra but that car was an accident.. waaay to much fuel.. so if the crx
didnt' have one.. why not.. give it pop-ups?

so whats a very similar car to the crx 1g that has pop-ups.. oh right! the 1g
integra! so i took them and started my process of mounting them on XD

before i did tho, i photoshopped a concept... just to see how it would look
if its not plain obvious, the concept isn't my car.. i needed a good looking car that would give me an idea how i can look

the pop up headlight concept

so after getting a good concept down i began my work ^_^

of course, i shouldn't be toying with mods if i'm not doing engine work ^^;;

so heres my engine outta the bay

and so i eventually took over the rest of the garage ^.^;;;

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Baker said:
It's beat up, but for FREE and for the fact that you won't have to deal with barely any rust issues, it's a hell of a deal!
actually the rust is inside the sunroof and a bit here and there in small spots..

its california.. not enough snow to give a car cancer (good thing too X.x)

anyways, more pictures! we like pictures yea?
more headlight work! >.>... erm.. no pictures but the head is off by this time and i grinded the valves, honed the pistons, changed the gaskets for the crank shafts and oil pump, new valve seats, basically bought an engine rebuild gasket set and changed everything ^_^

and so... pop ups aren't just the light.. theres a motor... yea, i got that in too XD... and god it was a pain in the ass

head light mount points

and here are the corner lights XD

The EW4, 90hp, 1.5L - FI


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and then the bad news -.-

car accident... some girl in a galant hit me... and wow my car flew....

bent rear axle... a huge dent in the rear quarter panel... torn off bumper... 1 torn wheel... yep... -.-
well its in repairs.. but repairs are a b-tch to do

so i took that as an excuse to put on a body kit >.>;;;

the axle has been replaced
quarter panel is a b-tch.. dunno what i should do about it... maybe fiber glass and body fill.. or just cut and weld.... mmm tempting..

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loba said:
I would've never thought to put pop-ups on a rex. It looks amazing. Little tweaking on the fenders and no one will be able to tell it's not stock :)
yep, with the summer heat coming in, once i change my shocks(wheels are hitting car on the bumps).. then comes ac then i'm gonna fiberglass the fenders and nose piece and body fill a bit then paint

the motors are setup all ready, all thats left is wiring, that will come as soon as i pull a headlight tractor module and relays from a 1g integ. wiring should be ez.

all that, after i'm done with finals hahaha... x.x

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I'm not usually a fan of front end conversion, taking away from the original car, but the 1st gen Integra front end works.
Nice job.

I've never seen anyone do such a thing. I think it will look good when it's done. From the front, it kind of reminds me a the old Toyota Corollas (AKA the AE86, real or look alikes).

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Stuck on the bumper about 2 weeks ago and finally found time to work on the fenders.

The fenders aren't perfect yet... i still need to do a bit more sanding and shaping.... i just need to go buy more hardener -.-;;

And of course, pictures XD

And of course... the rear bumper... it needs sanding and more prime...

And then i washed my car for the first time since july 2007 @[email protected];;

Also started to pulled out that dent on the driver quarter panel... tempted tow weld it instead... -.-;;;

so a few things to do...

refabricate the nose piece so it's height matches the pop-up conversion
fix quarter panel
change shocks
fix the AC system
put on front bumper and sideskirts
clean up the fenders

and those are just a few to go ^.^;;

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finally got to updating, -.-;;;

took abit of work but the motors for the retractable headlights are finally wired.

interestingly, the wire colors for the integra first gen matches with the crx 1st gen perfectly. The only problem was that the switch requires one of the wires to always be hot.

other than that, if anyone ever attempts to put pop-ups on a crx, the wire colors match exactly. Just tap the wires from a reasonable location.

I still have yet to pick up some integra fender as i found that they bolt on nicely and require only a small amount of fabrication. The nose piece still needs a bit of work and i'm tempted to just saw off a piece of the integra hood to make the nose piece instead of completely fabricating one.

Also, i tried something interesting and stuck an EK armrest into the car. It fits but requires the center console to make complete. I'll be adding that in soon and i'll take pictures once i'm done. Sorry this update lacks pictures.. my camera broke... i'll get a new one soon ^.^;;

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finally got some pictures and video of the pop-ups in action

video of pop-ups

and so i picked up an ek armrest at pick n pull... then followed to pick up a center console for the ek off of craigslist

naturally.. it doesn't really fit... but i worked with it.. cut a bit.. fabricated abit.. and i'm kinda satisfied.. i just need to reinforce teh structure and repaint it.. otherwise for the time being.. the shape is there...

what i basically did was cut off the bottom part of teh center console.. as in everything below the cig lighter and ash tray... cuz i like my power and "extra drawer" haha

i also trimed the ek center console lower and proceeded to merge the two pieces together

to make the two piece inseperable.. i drilled holes and sowed it together with nylon rope... i proceeded to use fiberglass to give a back structure and used body fill to make the connection smooth

unfortunately my body fill job was weak and it didn't stick well.. i might mix in some fiberglass to give it more bonding and structure

nonetheless... ignoring the cosmetic imperfections.. which aren't visible in the photos.. then its pretty nice

sorry, the pictures were taken by a 2.0 mp camera phone -.-;;; my good camera died T.T

complete view of the center console. The driver side stitching is visible and so is the fiberglass backing.

close up view of the rushed stitching

passenger side stitching

fiberglass backing on the inside

completed view within car. note that the console is only primered... i couldn't live with my center console being pink and grey all at once and i was in a rush so i could pick up my gf >.>;;

closer view

old center console.. cut :D

passenger view. the body fill uneveness and cracks aren't... too visible.. i'll fix em when i get time

Interior view from passenger

lights up :]

headlights down :]

retractor switch

center console

center console w/dash

merge point

passenger view of merge point

passenger view

oh yea, did i mention i got new rims?.. or used rims from pick n pull ^.^;; i've always had an attachment to blades >.>;;


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phatboycrxhf said:
i would have just used 1g teg fenders and made them fit ,but what you have done works too ,I think you should have used more fiberglass and got the shape with it then filled but seems like you allmost got it

good luck
I actually intend on using integra fenders now. the reason is because the fitment of the integra corners are quite complicated and require alot of work. The integra fenders actually bolt on but require less fabrication.. or at least easier fabrication and would be a nice replacement of plastic panels with metal ^.^;;

so integra fenders are going to be put on.. once i have the finances -.-
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