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Windshield seals

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I have a leaky windshield and need to have it fixed. I have two questions.

#1. I've heard (from Composimo) that OEM seals are better than any aftermarket ones. Which of these will I need to buy?

#2 Should I go ahead and have the windshield replaced while the guy is at it? Because I don't have alot of cash but I want to do it right.
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No reason to have the glass replaced unless it's damaged.

If just a leak, just have them remove and reinstall.

How bad is the leak, can you add some sealant and get it to go away??
So if they just remove and reinstall it, will they reuse the seal? Can they? I didn't think they could reuse it. Since it's leaking anyway, wouldn't it be better go ahead and replace said seal?


PS I haven't called a glass place yet does anyone know how much these options typically cost?
That seal requires removal of the glass to change it because it wraps around the glass. There is a 99% chance the glass will break when they take it out. Just removing the seal was enough to break my glass. The seal is not reusable.

Replacing the glass and seal cost me roughly $300.00. $200.00 for the glass , $84 for the seal and they guy cut me a serious break on the labor.
You want part #7, the one without the metal core. Check out the workshop manual, #7 is the part you're supposed to use if you are replacing the weather stripping without taking out the glass. There's also a proc in the manual for removing the part with the core without cracking the glass, but it doesn't look like it's easy to do (I readily believe that the glass often gets busted taking that part out).

If you give it go, post the results--it'll be a while, but I'm going to try the same thing eventually.....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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