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I'm in the process of wiring up my h22. I need to extend the alt wires. I pulled a d16a6 harness from the junkyard complete. I cut the alt wires as far back as i could from another civic harness to give me the extension i needed. It was a dx model though.

Now I was getting to splicing the wires together. I have 1 wire that is a different color, but in the same location on the plug.

These are the wires from the DX.

These are the wires on the D16a6 harness

Its really hard to see in the pic but the other 3 wires do match.

And here is a pic of the plugs.

I have one yellow, and one blue. They go into the same spot on each plugh though. I dont think this should be a problem, but I want to check before its all soldered together and done.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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