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Woot, Woot I'm no longer unemployed! (Sorry Long)

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After losing my job Jan 6th when the airline I worked for (Independence Air) for 9yrs went out of business, I will going back to work Monday with DynCorp at Patuxent River Naval Air Station. DynCorp does contract aircraft maintenance for the Navy test pilot training squadron HX-21. I'm being hired as a CH-53E Super Sea Stalion helicopter mechanic. Since they only have one CH-53E (and 8 mechanics to work on it) I will also be able to work on some of the other helos, they also have Hueys, Cobras, CH-46's, H-3's, H-60's and TH-57's. They said we will be real busy after I start we have 3 transmissions to change a main, intermediate and tail. I worked on CH-53's for about 9 years in the USMC and about 3 years working on H-3's on Marine One flying around old Bill Clinton.
The bad part about this job is it's 80 miles away, an hour and a half drive one way! :shock: My Rex is my daily driver and it's got over 214,000 miles on it now! I will be averaging 800 miles a week! :shock: I think I'm going to by that ZC replacement motor I have been wanting now as a back up. My wife and I are thinking about moving closer, but I'm going to wait and see how the job is first. Plus I'm going to wait a while before we move becuase I still have an aplication in with the Virginia State Police and the FBI both as a helicopter mechanic. I really want to get one of those two jobs but the DynCorp job will pay the bills for now. Plus after my 90 days probation period I get a $4.15 rasie.
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Congrats! Sounds like a pretty neat job! :eek:
It will be nice to get back to turning wrenches again I had been sitting behind a desk for the last 7 years. I will have too borow my wifes Trailblazer to get my rollaway to work. I sure can't get a 40" rollaway toolbox in a Rex. :lol:
Congratulations! I know it's been stressful. Good luck with the new job!
glad to hear its lookin up for you. WOW an hour and a half drive one way. I guess my 10 minute commute one way isnt so bad :lol:
Thats why I'm planning to buy a ZC motor and rebuild it and have it ready when the stock motor goes out. I'm also planning to get one of those reuseable oil fillters to help cut down on oil changes. With the commute I'm looking at about a oil change every month!
Also the good thing about this job is I have weekends and all holidays off! :D
sounds like a fun career opp. My fiance used to drive an hour and a half to her internship last year... If it makes you feel any better, it was only ~30 miles away... blame that one on so. cal. traffic
Congrats on the new job. Pax River, eh? At the very least you'll see some interesting aircraft. I think they are still testing the F-35.

Commuting 80 miles one way sounds familiar. When I lived in Laurel, MD, I took a job in Newark, DE as a contractor (engineer). 800 miles/week on my Si (of course, gas was only $1/gallon in December, 2001). After 2-1/2 months, we moved to Elkton, Md, only 5 miles from work.

I still work there, 4+ years later, now as a direct employee, designing medical diagnostic equipment for hospitals and labs.

Warning about a dirty little Maryland secret- the county tax on your salary. ... caltax.asp Each Maryland county sets a rate that they will levy on your MD-based job. The percentage varies according to the county you live in. I got fed up with paying 2.80% to Cecil County (Elkton), and moved a few miles East into Delaware last May. Up yers, Maryland!

The county that Pax River is in, St. Mary's, has one of the HIGHEST tax rates in the state- 3.05%. If you locate in MD, try Anne Arundel County, two counties North of St. Mary's- its 2.56% rate is the lowest anywhere close to Pax River. The Southern-most city in AA County is Friendship, MD, about 44 miles from Pax River by Route 2.
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Dang.... seems like a lot of people are getting some new jobs this last couple of weeks... i know of 3 locally, now two on the board, and may even have something myself to keep me even more busy :shock:

Congratulations! 8)
congratz man and good luck i need to land a wrench job walmart ain't cutting it with a kid now
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