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Worth buying or should I stick with the Mugen copy?

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I noticed this earlier today. JDM CRX Front End Conversion

I wonder if I should scrap the Vis body kit and just go with this setup. If I go with the Vis I am looking to spend $1200 just for the front, that isn't inlcuding the side skirts, door caps, rear bumper, and flush mount spoiler. Plus paying to get it installed. Or I could just buy this for $1000 and just have it painted to match.

Any suggestions?
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why would just the vis be $1200 for just the front? is that the price given to you for the bumper plus install plus paint?

it really depends on what look you want. if you want the mugen SiR look then you can buy the body kit with the new VIS SiR front bumper..track down the SiR headlights seperately and get a SiR replica Carbon fiber hood.

if you want the clean stock SiR OEM look then just buy the conversion and call it quits.

thats a link showing how to use the stock rad support with the JDM conversion. which means you only need the lights if you want to use the VIS SiR bumper and hood. fenders are the same other than the marker light cutouts. you can usually track down all the lights seperately on ebay and and
The $1200 was for the conversion kit that passwordjdm sells. It includes the Vis bumper, all the lights, hood, radiator t-bar, and fenders. Then I still need to purchase the rear bumper, door caps, and side skirts. And then pay to have it installed and painted.
i think if you take a little time you can track the headlight and bumper lights down cheaper on ebay. then you just get the vis kit and sir cf hood..that should save you some money.
Correct me if I am wrong,but that $1200 was a price for the EF8 frt end with the CF hood and lip.
You dont need all that VIS stuff.
I am currently looking at jdmpassword for an EF9 frt end.
They do offer a stock EF8 frt end for less than that ebay price though.
Just look at the package #'s.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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