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would you buy it? 95 del sol w/b16a3

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my real good buddy has his 95 del sol w/b16a3 stored in my parking space, due to a blown motor. not gettting any compression in cylinders 2 and 3. we're assuming it's a blown head gasket, but not for sure certain. it drove just as quick as my zc turbo crx, (him driving next to me) it's black wih mybe a dime sixe amount of rust over the entire car. shaven ant, body kit, interior is a little beat up, as far as seats and carpet goes. tires are near bald, but has the stock ones too (with rims) straight pipe, but will include the cat. carbon hood.
will sell it to me for 2500 since he knows i'd take care of it and he'd be able to see it on a near daily basis
not sure if i want to take on a project, but can do an ls/vtec on it to get it up and running quick. no body damage either.
what are some thoughts
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if youve got the dough I would do it. You could always resell later if you didnt want it.
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