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I know I've posted some of these pics before, and I know I've given snippets of my car in various other places before, but some are still wanting more. Believe me, I don't mind this at all. My car has turned into an internet whore, and i don't mind a bit!! I've kind of thrown together a little write up of my own......only cause it was requested.

My Crx. I bought this car in Atlanta, GA in March of 06. It was advertised on Craig's List. I loaded up friends and family and drove down there (1000 miles) to pick it up. Mind you, we left and I drove STRAIGHT THROUGH. Only stopping to get gas and munchies. I left on Friday, and got down there by 1300 hrs on Saturday. I took a three hour nap, and then was going to meet the guy at the hotel. I had only seen it in pics up till this point. The asking price was $9500. Keep in mind, it was already converted to RHD. I have NO pics from him on the build. Only what I have done to it since.

We got down there and I gave it a once over. It some issues, but not anyhing I was to awful worried about. Here is just a short rundown off the top of my head:
-driveability problem : 3/4 throttle fine, WOT falls on face
-erratic idle (guy says, "never did that before?") (right.)
-rear wiper doesn't work
-radiator was patched
-PS was siezed
-front bumper is USDM made to fit
-door strikers didn't work
-door locks, ignition, and hatch didn't match. Only key I was given was for the ignition.
-USDM 88-89 taillights
-needs clutch
-needed CV axle
-no front bumper markers
-wiring was a MESS!

So, I told him $8000. It was a done deal. Took a little getting used to (Driving on the wrong side), but I figured I had 1000 miles to get used to it!! The first tank of gas:

So, we left Atlanta and headed for Wisconsin.

We made a stop off in Pontiac, IL to visit Shadowcrx. I'd have to say, he broke some sort of record for saying, "Holy $hit dude!" From there, we boogy'd up the road to a hotel in Lasalle, IL. here is what i woke up to:

Yeah, I was a little pissed. So, continued to drive home:

Yup, that's a salt truck in front of me. I saw him coming down a ramp, but I couldn't change lanes safely, or accelerate to get in front of him. It was total hell. But, we made it home safe:

Now the fun begins.

First things first, alarm. Got an alarm and had my good friend Rob install it. He was a little pissed too. The wiring was a mess, and in almost an entire day, he finally got the doors done for power locks cause he had to rewire everything. What a nightmare.

Then came the driveability problem/idle problem. Was leaving town to head for the Wisconsin Dells car show. Never made it out of town. Car had hardly any power at all. She would barely leave the stop light without really riding the clutch. There was nothing. Well, with my job I didn't have time to mess with it. Put it on a trailer, and hauled it three hours away to good ol Rob's house. I can't recall how long he had the car, but he had it for a while. He finished the alarm, fixed the driveability problem, installed a stereo, radiator, and cleaned up the engine bay quite nice.
The driveability problem was fuel filter. That was plugged by crap in the tank. The injectors were plugged, and the pump was bad. There is still stuff in the tank, so this winter she's getting a new tank, filter, and injectors. It has become a re-occuring problem.



Drove the car to HIN in chicago. Was rather disappointed in that whole thing.

I know it's a conversion, and it will always be just an HF, but it's something that I've been waiting for for a long time. I have always had mediocre, and this is the first thing that I can be proud of. Go ahead a pick it apart, I understand that is just part of the game, but keep in mind that no matter what you have, someone has better and can pick YOURs apart as well.

Just a few more pics:


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Im glad you like it. Nice summay and i loved the pics! I hate it when people say "oh but its still this car" Who cares? If you like it then so be it. If its still a neon its a neon, but you like it. If its still an hf its a hf, but you like it! Thats all that matters.

Hopefully Ill have a conversion one day too.

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Man. Now I want to get to a RACRX meet again, just to see it!
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