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I picked up a Y1 LSD trans cheap locally over the winter.

The seller told me he pulled it from his car because it wouldn't go into gear properly and could only crawl home after he miss-shifted it.

He blamed the failure on the diff. He said he didn't inspect the tranny because he sold the car right after.

I cracked open the case and it looks brand new inside except for the interlock, which had slipped out of the holder assembly. That was an easy fix.

It seems to me that the interlock might be the only issue but I'm still worried about the diff itself.

If you stick your finger into the diff, where the jack shaft/cv axle goes, and try to spin the splines with your finger, one set of splines spins freely, and the other set of splines does not spin at all. The passenger side spins freely, and the driver's side/jackshaft does not spin.

Can anyone tell me if this is normal on a Y1 LSD diff?

I don't want to complete a full auto to manual swap on my DA only to find that my diff is toast...

thanks all
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