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Y8 intake mani

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what do i have to do to get the y8 intake mani on my car i got a z6 head but isnt the y8 mani obd1 im just worried about sensors and crap before i take my other mani off i dont wanna just waste my time tring to put it on and end up findin out i cant bc of something doesnt have a hookup or something
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A few things youll need to know:

-If you dont have the Y8 FPR and fuel rail youll need them, the Z6 versions wont work.

-Make sure youre using a MANUAL Y8 intake manifold, otherwise your IAC valve wont have anyplace to go until you send it to a machine shop.

-reset your ecu after you get everything hooked back up, otherwise your car will auto-rev really high

-make sure you use the corresponding throttle body gasket for the throttle body, not the intake manifold.

Youll also have to tap a location on your intake for your air intake temp sensor off of your z6 manifold. Their doesnt appear to be any fundamental difference between the Y8 version and the z6 version, but you know the z6 version is OBD1, and itll work as long as its oring can get a good seal, so make sure to drill and tap your holes straight or youll constantly get a check engine light for the AIT.

Some argue that there isnt much of a difference between the 2 intake manifolds, but IMO theres a noticeable increase in power around 4-5 grand, and also IMO theres a noticable increase in fuel economy from the Z6 manifold(do keep in mind I was using a Z6 intake manifold on a Y8 block due to the parts I got for an OBD1 conversion on my CRX)

I think thats all I did when I swapped intake manifolds, if I think of anything else Ill be sure to post it, make sure you post your results :wink:
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