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"Yeah, sure, I'll do it for $50"

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Are you a dumbass?
Sure, here's the keys. The title is in the glove box. Take as long as you want.00.00%
Let me think about it... Where would we eat lunch?440.00%
Not unless you wear a condom.660.00%
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From Craig's List

Do you have a licensed/inspected insured car?
Reply to: [email protected]
Date: 2006-02-28, 3:46PM CST

I need to use someones car that is licensed and inspected, and has insurance on it... You can meet me at dmv at 7:15AM off northwest highway. You come in and wait with me... I take a driving test in your car, and we're done.. I give you $50 bucks! Ive never had a license, but Ive had my permit for awhile (plus I was driving for for quite awhile without anything!) SO... if youre serious, and would like to make $50 bucks for a couple hours of sitting around... EMAIL ME! =D

Im young respectable, and new to dallas... I need a license... but my car wont pass inspection here! And all my friends are students without cars!
So, $50 bucks.. easy money... cash... =D

MUST BE WILLING TO MEET AT DMV THIS WEEK, 7:15 AM... Heck Ill even buy you lunch!
Can't even vote, because "No way, absolutely not, never" isn't one of the choices. :D
that CAN'T be serious
hey now, maybe he's the nice, respectable car thief!!??? Just lower your deductable down to fifty bucks. Heh... :twisted:
Sure...I'd call my local trooper and get him to show up at 07:15am in his unmarked squad car. :lol:
stickershop said:
Sure...I'd call my local trooper and get him to show up at 07:15am in his unmarked squad car. :lol:
::Throws up a middle finger::

hell no
If it takes long enough for him to take you out to lunch... well then you're looking at 4-5 hours at the DMV. That figures down to only 12.50 an hour, not including the cost of lunch. I make more browsing the internet all day here at work, don't think I'm going to risk my precious CRX for less than that!
Sure as there are idiots who'd put out that ad, there's someone who will respond.

What is wrong with people?

Oh, a lil OT but the other day I heard a caller on the radio talking about the New Orlean "Steelers" and how the city that never sleeps (NOLA) should be proud to have them and the tradition that which is mardi gras (prounounced with an S)
First off, I've heard of this happening in my tiny little town, so I doubt it's an issolated incident. A friend of mine had a POS car that wouldnt pass inspection, and his parents wouldn't take him to ge his lisence. He ended up giving a guy some money to take him to the DMV and take his driver's test.

That was back when the driving portion was done in a closed course.

I don't see a problem helping someone out, especially if you're geting $50 and free lunch. I would insist on driving to the DMV. Then, insist on riding along with the person taking thier test and the cop giving it.

Note: I would definately NOT take the CRX. No one drives her but me and a few choice friends.
The first thing I think of is there is no way they will be able to use my clutch and steering to take a test. The e-check guy always stalls my car like twice before he gets it on the rollers. That is really not cool for an obd0 car to be just started and run on an emissions test. I could just imagine a kid trying to maneuver a car at slow speeds with big wide tires, limited slip, racing clutch, and no power steering.... you think they would pass?
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