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You could buy this but you'll have to clean it first

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Out, out, you demons of stupidity! *bonk* ;)
i dont know if id buy that or not
I think the 10 to 15 hp gain is a little much to expect from a muffler... im sorry.. but that is a big claim..
Unless your muffler is completely clogged, you aren't going to see hardly any gains from a "performance" cat-back exhaust (or components thereof). Most of the gains come from replacing the header and catalyic convertor.

I doubt that picture will help it sell.
I wouldn't buy it just for where it's been.
might have some power gains if you unattach the dude from it. i wouldnt buy it, he seems to have loved that muffler a little too much
It appears that muffler is comming out of an abusive relationship, it's dammaged goods. Everyone knows where it's been, what man would want it now? Nah, that's too much emotional baggage, I'll hold out for that virgin HKS exhaust that's saving it's self for me. :wink:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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