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I didn't, and now the danged window came off the track.
Sticky rubber and old putty/adhesive pulled it right out.
And fixing it is gonna be a pain...
I got it back in the clips and sprayed both windows, now I have to make time to clean out the old gunk and apply the new.
Question, is it a 2 part epoxy, or what?
Soooo, learn from my neglect.
Oh, my Honda guru that has worked on Civics since the first one came out told me
"Huh, I've never seen THAT happen before" :rolleyes1:
Thats the same thing he said when I told him my stock fuel regulator was making a whining noise...
I'm just lucky, I guess...

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Mark, I would post pics, but my 500 dollar digital camara (which is less then 2 years old) is on the blink.
Sony say's they can fix it for 285...
I'll see what I can do.
I can go get a throw away and get them digitized, I guess.
My main problem is time...I am working your shift, with a twist.
I go in at 7PM and dont get off till 7-9AM.
Sleep, and seeing my kids for a few minutes takes up the rest of my day.
But, I gotta get it fixed and will report it to ya.
Oh, the glass shop said they would "look at it" for 50 bucks...sheesh.
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