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So some of you might of seen this on other boards, if you have well you have then, I know some people only view this board so I figured I would post this up here.

Turbo setup

T3/T4oe turbo .57 trim

RC Autoworks Log manifold w/ 90deg elbow & 38mm wastegate flange

RC Autoworks 3 open downpipe w/ O2 dump

Manual boost controller

Tial 38mm Wastegate w/ .5bar spring (7 psi)


RCautoworks fabricated intercooler piping

28x6x3 intercooler w/ 2.5in inlets

2.5in Stainless steel IC piping

Silicone couplers

Ebay greddy style BOV

Fuel management

440cc RC injectors

OBD1 injector clips

B&m fuel pressure regulator

Walboro 255lph High Pressure intank fuel pump


OBD1 P28 chipped ecu

Obd2b->obd1 harness


Autometer carbon fiber dual gauge pod

Autometer carbon fiber boost gauge

Autometer carbon fiber air fuel gauge


Blitz Turbo Timer DUAL T/T DC II

Onto the pictures

First day it came in, it looked like this

Then slowly

Few parts

Working non stop on this project, putting in 14 hour days

Starting to look like a faster Panda

Starting to think a little different as well

Pics of the ICP


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SETI20 said:
Yummie. Nice build.

I'm looking for some -used- stuff. How accessible are used things to you?
Depends, I mean if its like a used turbo, I don't do that because there is no way to tell how good it is.

By the way, the gsr made 296 on 7psi.
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