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ZC B16

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You probably have answered this Questions so many times,

I've had a Zc in my previous CRX and I loved it. It was and '90 Hf w/ZC, Si tranny, and 'teg ECU.

Now I have a '90 Si stock and I plan to do an engine swap again in the near future. I like the B16 because i know it has a few more horses than the ZC and because it would be cool to say I have a B16 and see that B16 in my CRX. Does it really make that much of a difference? Is it worth paying the extra $ for those thirty-something Horses ?

Thanx everybody for comments and suggestions.
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those extra 30 horses are all above 7000 rpm. If you like the idea of revving up that high to go faster, go for it. Under 6000 rpm though, you probably won't feel much of a difference over a ZC, if any at all.

Some people have said that a ZC with mild bolt-ons can keep up or defeat a B16. It also depends on the driver...

My opinion is that if you want to go B-series, get one of the torquey B18's. either a B18A or a B18C. B18C is pricey, but much faster than either a ZC or B16.
I have a dohczcin my race car.. . .Have a b18a that i just finished building for my street car with domed pistons and some cam swapping I drove it before in a crx and i really really like the torque.. . . .Dont get me wrong i like hearing a honda motor whale at 8000 rpm... . .but sometimes it is nice to get some ooomph in the lower rpms too....

Plus the b18 is availale locally and cheaper since it does not have to be imported. . .. . .swap mechanics are about the same as the b18.....only no vtec to wire up. .

try it.....youll like it. .

i like my b16. ive never driven a b18 rex so i cant compare them. its good for around town. only time i hit high rpm is getting on I-81 and need to get up and go.
Having had a B16 CRX and currently running a decent D series vtec (Y8 ) in my rex right now, I dont think you can go wrong going with either motor, it all depends on what your end goal is.
Which B16 are you going with as well?

B18s are a lot of fun too, and as mentioned above, are much simpler. I would recommend going OBD1 and getting a B18B, it opens up a lot more doors tuning wise 8)
My B16 crx with a 300lb passenger VS. a ZC CRX with driver only = damn even until higher rpms.
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