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zc will not start easily cranks and cranks need it tomorro

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Since you seem to be getting Spark and Momentum (Spark plugs are sparking and the starter is turning the engine), I would focus my efforts on Air and Fuel.

How's the air filter? Anything obstructing airflow into the engine? This just sounds similar to a problem I had when my air filter got all gummed up with some yucky road crud. Once it got it started, it ran great.

Some other ideas: When was the fuel filter last changed? How are the fuel injectors? They might be dirty. I'm not sure if the Si ones are the same, but if they are, you might try swapping them out.
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The air filter is a mugen cone..... freshly cleaned and oiled

fuel filter was changed about 4 days ago

the engine came with no injectors so I used si ones.... they were out of that parts wreck that i bought for the cage and i was able to start it up and it ran great despite the blown rod so i knew that those were the injectors that I wanted to use. .

as for air and fuel..

I replaced the regulator with a good one no difference and while turning the key on you get a burst of fuel on the backside of the regulator just like you should... also while cranking there is fuel there... pumping out...

I took the dizzy apart and changed the ignitor and coil and cleaned everything up while I was in there.
The old td02u that i just bought new for the vtec mini me turned into a donor.. i really thought that I had a bad ignitor. . . .but i guess not.... . the main relay is working because i can hear it click and i am getting fuel

the main thing is that the engine turns over wierd...sometimes it is like it is like 13:1 comp. rar hard then it breaks free and spins nicely... it will fire with the assist of you holding the starter on ( i guess you just have to know to understand that) but then die or if you are lucky you can get it to fire and run....

i am still talking it to the track tomorrow heck, ill let it run the whole time...
i am sitting out in my garage right now looking at it... i have it out there running with the fans on.... . i figured it would be good to run it some after god only knows how long it has sat.. its running fine otherwise. . . .just the starting issue.. i even retarded the timing a little to try to get it to spin over a little easier.....

cam timing is dead on... . i dont know what else it could be...

I feel like a fat drunken hillbilly that is in love with a beautyful woman..... . no matter how much love i put into my honda... it returns none to me....

this thing better win some races.... or i am going to turn it into a beer can..

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One last is the compression on the engine? I'm trying to think of what else it could be. :?
all of your symptoms sound just like my b16 when i first put it in.
It could crank and all most start, then it wouldnt even be close. It would just turn over. I just kept cranking it and it finally started running, running great. turned it off and put the hood back on and it did the same thing. After I drove it around some its been fine ever since.

I would let it run a while like you are doing and try to clean it out.
Also check your vacuum lines, maybe ones hanging or in the wrong place, or a small crack or hole in it.

Also somthing that has helped all of my cars in Valvoline Syn Power Throttle body cleaner. I sprayed the throttle body down used an old towel to clean out the throttle body, then all the extra you cant wipe up inside the intake will burn up some gunk on its way through the engine. It will run rough for a few minutes and spit out some white smoke then should run better.

Is the tps broken? can you swap a known good one and try that?

I know what your saying about starting when you keep the starter going, my 00 civic does that sometimes, dont know why, but its gay.
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Yeah compression seems to be good. just checked it with my finger though not a gauge.. The guy i bought the engine off of told me the same thing... that is would just start running better with time..i am going to go to the harage in about an hour and just let it run a for a few more hours before i load it up to take it to the track... and see what happens..... actually the tps came from the old mini me avtually the whole TB did... amd it worked allright on there..

i have sone so much work to this car at one time... that it could be anything.... mini me swap..... gutted car.... removed alot of extra wiring but still the other engine would start right up so that exclueds all of that stuff it has to be something with the ZC as it just started ( or didnt hahaha ) when the ZC went in..

well thanks for the good advice so far.

i dont know man, kinda stumped. Have you checked all your grounds?
just my .02

Are you ABSOLUTELY sure your timing belt isnt off a tooth?
From what your describing it sounds timing related.I know if your cam gear is 1 tooth off it can be as far off as 18 degrees!(depending on the dizzy adjustment).
This is just a thought,but hope it helps you in your way.
ollie that is a good suggestion
what exactly am i looking for here.. . . i am not all that famailer with all of the DOHC engines.. . . . Lined up the white mark ont he crank should hit the pointer and the 2 cam gears should match line to line.... . right ? the up's are up but slightly inverted towards each other......

i ASSUME that it was in time from the prev. japanese owner. . . but not 100 percent sure. . . . .as i said though when it runs it runs REALLY well...

i replaced the plugs today with some v powers and have started it and letit run a few times and it is getting SLIGHTLY better. . . . .. ..well see what happens..... . both racetracks cancelled the races today due to rain so that buys me a another week of time :)


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