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I was looking at CBR 900s when this 'clean' 91 Si caught my eye. I say 'clean' because the previous owner really misrepresented the car on ebay. I thought about the bikes vs. cars debate, and decided the crx was sound.
Buy-it-now later, and I planned a 5 hour trip from NY to OH to pick up the car.
Long story short, the car had a TON of issues, and I talked him down :)b
Drove most of the way home in 4th gear because it wouldn't stay in 5th! Turns out the trans was empty :shock:
Here is a timeline of most of the build so far:
Ebay pic May 2006:

After it got home:

Filled the fenders, removed hood pins, and painted the trim (2007):

15" Integra rims (Fall 07):

Painted the rims before new tires (Fall 08):

Mounted EDM spoiler (Spring 09):

Installed EDM back seat (Summer 09):

Bluetooth radio installed:

Engine bay B16A1- greddy header, aem fuel regulator, insulated cold air intake, and a/c finally works!

Ground down quarter panel rust (not big), painted the trim again and added the missing mud flaps:

R81 Mini Cooper rims painted and installed (Fall 09):

4 days of body work and new paint (November 09)...going TGP:

Sorry lost pics of primer :(

End result (before buffing):

EDM spoiler back on, HF front bumper support, DA front knuckles/brakes installed, painted window trim
(Jan-Feb 2010):

J's Racing Polyurethane Lip, modified to fit 88-89 bumper (March 2010):

I've also adjusted the front end fitment:

In the queue at N16:

(Misc 2011)
Temporary ram air with modified bumper signal:

Hood lift using hatch support:

Checking the bushings before an autox event:

Summary 5/2013
OBD1 conversion
JDM PR3, dyno-tuned map
CTR pistons
ARP head studs
Underdrive crank pulley
NGK plugs and wires
Newer ignition coil
K&N drop-in filter, ported stock box
Greddy header, wrapped
Hi flow cat
Thermal R&D exhaust
Integra S1 trans
XTD clutch (have NIB Exedy clutch at the ready)
Zero play shift linkage
Fidanza 7lb flywheel

Tein Basic coilovers
OEM RTA bushings
Full Race traction bar with newer arms/joints
EX 15/16 master cylinder
DA integra front knuckles/brakes
EBC rotors, Hawk HPS pads

Keyless entry/alarm
OEM Civic cruise control
A/C (GSR Denso compressor and R134a)
Working sunroof
Greddy shift knob, short shifter
EDM rear seat
Repaired cargo cover
Pioneer deck with bluetooth
Polk waterproof speakers in doors
Kenwoods in back
Hidden Pioneer class D amp
8" Sony Xplod tube
Sparco R100 seats
Led cluster lights
Oil pressure and AF gauges

EDM wing
88-89 front bumper cover with J's replica lip
88 HF bumper support (super light)
All mud flaps
Call me Sir window visors
NIB SiR garnish/triangle

And that's about where it sits now. This was my daily and now I drive an 09 GTI which requires new bolts everytime I touch it. Back seat or not, the crx is no family car...but I still love it.

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Looks good. Interior looks pretty clean too.

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Previous owner did the swap, I've done almost everything else.
Here is a list of mods:
Avid mounts
obd0 b16 (going obd1 soon)
short j1/s1 tranny
Full Race traction bar/crossmember
Tein basic coilovers
Thermal R&D catback
2000 Si Greddy header
Greddy shift knob
Dual bend short shifter
Option racing CAI
GSR a/c compressor and bracket
HID low-beam conversion
Kenwood speakers
Pioneer head unit
Falken tires
Power locks/keyless entry
Fuel kill switch and relay
Lx cruise control (in progress)

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well a small update. my remote kept eating batteries, so i bought an RFID keyless/alarm unit on ebay.
it's $35 new, and will automatically lock/unlock doors when you are away/near the car. came with shock sensor, siren, built in relays for locks and starter kill, and 2 remotes. i love it!! eventually this will be integrated with my fuel kill for even more security :)b
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